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I feel badly about not posting yesterday, but by the time I got home I was too exhausted to go on the computer. A friend of mine recently got certified as a yoga instructor and she's been having classes Monday nights at her house... and yesterday was the first week I could make it. The class was fun! I'm not so into Yoga and especially not into fuzzy stuff, but we did fun stuff like stand in a Trees circle and putting our knees on our elbows, balancing on our hands and trying not to fall on our heads. I didn't fall asleep or on my ass, so I think it was a success. At the end though it kinda sucked to be all post-Yoga relaxed and have to jump on my bicycle and ride over a mile to get home, but it was definitely the best workout I've had in a while and it felt great :-)

Today was a really intense day at work, I was working on a project with a coworker who can be very fun when we go out but pretty difficult and annoying to work with. He's very good at sports and very bright, but he is also condescending when we're working together. It's annoying because I have such a good working relationship with my other coworkers. The others are about 26, 30, and 38 years old yet treat me as a respected equal, whereas this guy, at only one year older than me, thinks I am beneath him. Although, come to thing of it, he does the same to the 30 yr old guy so I guess it's neither ageism nor sexism. And he's a nice guy otherwise, although sometimes inconsiderate. Oh well, at least we only work on this project a couple times a month.

After work I paid my LNS a visit, so that turned my day right around. I signed up for an exchange called Fair Squares, where I stitch a 50x50 pattern for a partner who stitches one for me. Well we're also supposed to send a second square with our names stitched on them, and when I bought the stuff for my square last week I completely forgot to get the extra fabric. Well just my luck I couldn't get more of the same fabric without ordering, and then the dye lot will probably be all wonky... so I bought new fabric and I'm going to stitch it again. Which kinda sucks but it's not too bad, since I liked the pattern and was planning to eventually also stitch it for myself. I just have to finish the darn thing asap & mail it out - don't want to wait until the deadline.

Tonight's a busy night, I have a TON of work to do from work (boo homework), plus I need to neaten up because practically my mom's whole family is sleeping over for the holiday, from tomorrow night 'til Saturday night. C's sleeping in my room, and although she is so messy she couldn't possibly complain about anyone else my mother will defenestrate me if my space isn't spotless. Sigh.

So it's off to clean up and then hopefully start my square.


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