shopping trip

On my way home from work, I walked up Broadway on my way to Penn Station and found the coolest store, Fishes Eddy. As an on-again-off-again ceramic artist I go a little nuts for anything pottery or ceramic, but this place really deserves it. Sparing you the overly detailed description, I'll plug their website instead for anyone interested. I ended up buying 2 items.

I'm sure the thing on the right is a real cooking utensil but I think it looks like a cauldron and only cost 75 cents, so I'll find something decorative to do with it. The purple glass thing is a salt dip - I think it would be perfect for dipping Challah on shabbat, so I'm saving it for my mom for Chanukah and am considering picking up another one for my grandma.

My fair squares partner received her package today, so I can post pictures of what I stitched for her finally! It's a kit called Thankful Sheep from Shepherd's Bush. Check out Mary Kathryn's blog, she does really pretty things with her cross stitch when she's done stitching them.

Gotta go take this phone call. Have a good night all.



Beatrice said...

What a pretty little square!
And the ceramics are very interesting as well. Get one for Grandma too. She will love it.
I check out the site links as well.

mercy said...

Hi! I found you through the Fair and Square Exchange Blog. I'm Mercy and I live in Brooklyn :-)
I've been to Fish's Eddy, it's a weird store but I got a really cool bag of the Brooklyn Bridge that I carry my stitching in. Anyway just wanted to say Hello! and that's a REALLY nice square you stitched for the exchange :-)