Monday update (II)

It's been a busy week since last Wednesday, so bear with me while I get you up to speed.

Wednesday night was the return of Project Runway! I usually don't like reality shows, but PR has difficult challenges, but nothing meant to humiliate or disgust people. Plus I love Tim Gunn, and Heidi Klum, and I even like Michael Kors. I've been a fan since Season 1 and it's been a while since season 3, so Wednesday's premiere was long-awaited - and it was worth it. I can't wait to see what design challenges they come up with this season.

Thursday I worked from home to get away from the construction at the office. Of course, it was pretty rainy all day so they probably weren't doing much work, but it was nice to be home. Some people came to fix our radiators. Unless it got REALLY cold out the radiators in the western side of the house didn't give off heat. I didn't mind - I love the cold - but it's probably not good for heating bills and such. So a plumber came and replaced a valve or something in 4 rooms and now the house is a decent temperature all over.

I picked up 2 pieces from the framer - the SamSarah snowmen design whose picture I posted ages ago, and a black-and-white design from Funk and Weber called Night Howl. Of course I forgot to take pictures of them but they came out great, I'll try to post some later. I love the job this framer does. Now if only it wasn't so expensive to frame them :-(

After the framer I had time for a quick stop at the not-so-local NS on my way out for the evening. I found 2/3 of the threads I was missing for the BC snappers - did I mention that I'm flying through the October block? I also found a nice Prairie Schooler pattern called Farmer's Alphabet that's going in my stitching rotation once I finish the Mirabilia fairy.

Friday morning we had a big departmental meeting - about 200 or 300 people - about how the company did last year and our goals for next year. Yawn, but at least there was breakfast. Apparently one of the projects that I'm working on with SF is being touted throughout the company as a major new initiative, so I'm going to pay closer attention to detail and make sure everything's perfect - big brother is watching!

JS stayed by me for Shabbos, she works on Disney on Ice and the show was at Nassau Coliseum last week so it was easier for her to stay by me than to schlepp back into the city. We caught up on sleep, and 2 friends walked over for lunch Saturday.

JS hooked me up with discounted tickets to High School Musical the Ice Tour, so Sunday afternoon my mom and I took my aunt, uncle, and 3 younger cousins. The three of them liked the movies, and they absolutely loved the ice show. So did the rest of us. The skaters are really, really, really good, and the movies adapted very well into the new format. The entire story of HSM1 was the first act, then there was an intermission, and HSM2 was the second half. HSM2 was better, and it's funny but some of the songs did better on ice than in the movies (most notably Troy's solo song). I have some pics, but I'll have to find them and post them later.

Last night instead of packing for my trip I flipped between the Princess Diaries and National Treasure and hand felted my monster hat. It went okay, I think the next time will go better - I've learned some best practices. I really felted it a lot but the hat was so huge to begin with that it came out a little too big, but maybe I'll felt it more when I get back from my trip.

Pics will have to go up later as I'm leaving for the airport in a bit over an hour to go to Paris for a week. BIG HD :) I'm going to visit an old friend from when I lived in London - old meaning we've been friends for 20+ years, we're both quite young. Actually we're a cross between penpals and friends because we were friends when we were very young, and since then have mostly emailed, imed or facebook-messaged to stay in touch with only one or two visits. I'm really looking forward to seeing both her and Paris again - big HD :)

Any suggestions on craftsy or cross stitchy places to visit in Paris? I've been and plan to return to Bonheurre des Dames, but I'm always interested in others too. Please feel free to leave comments with recommendations with what to do/where to go on my trip, I have 5 days and I've seen the highlights on past trips, so this visit I can spend some time hitting interesting/quirky sights/shops/cafes.

Gotta run, ttys!


Jacque said...

Have a terrific time and please do report back! We're going to Paris in April and I'd love to know what you find. I haven't been in over 20 years...very excited and thrilled for you as well!

Beatrice said...

Have a great time!!!