No new Chanukah socks pic for you today, but happy Chanukah all the same!

This afternoon at work we had our *kickoff*, basically a department-wide meeting where our manager tells us what the plan is for the next year. Last year the company tried to split my 20-person department up among 4-5 other departments, even though we all work very well together and would need to continue working together on the same projects. It made NO sense, because we all work very closely together and have very little to do with the other groups we were going to. We also all like each other, so no one was happy about splitting up. This year the company decided that my department really is a department (duh!) and should be it's own separate department (yes!), and then on top of that we finally got our own kickoff meeting. Woot! The meeting was long but the presenters, my dept head and his boss, are actually smart guys, so it was an informative meeting without being boring.

The best part of the meeting was the *team building*: we went bowling (thus no Chanukah socks, I didn't want to get them stinky from the bowling shoes). We all get along really well in my department, to the point where every month or so we either go bowling or to happy hour after work. Sometimes the boss is invited, sometimes not, but anyways that's how he knew bowling would be a big hit.

Best. Coworker. Ever. And not just because of her funky bowling style.

One of our *things* in the group is that the worst bowler of the first game buys Dunkin Donuts munchkins the next morning. It started as a friendly bet between me & LN, before I knew she was an awesome bowler. As usual I'm getting the munchkins, but this time I got better as the night progressed - 30 in the first game, then 69 and 86 - thanks 100% to some coaching from GB. I usually get 30-40 points a game so this is a significant improvement for me.

No stitching happened tonight because of the bowling. Yesterday, Sweet Pea and I decided to do a mini SAL for LHN's Princess & the Pea, so last night I pulled it out of the WIP pile. I've been largely ignoring it for the past month in favor of the BC Snappers but I made some progress since my first and last pic so long ago. Sorry guys but my camera just died, so you'll have to wait for tomorrow for a pic.

On deck for tomorrow/this weekend: my Fair Square exchange. I consulted with Sponz at work and she confirmed that the pattern I picked is good, so now I can start it.

Good night all! Happy Chanukah


Sweet Pea said...

My DH is in the middle of those reorganization meetings. You have to assume that these are smart people - they run large, international companies, and yet they come up with the DUMBEST ideas. And very long meetings to present them in.

Beatrice said...

Happy Chanukah!!!!
Good to hear that the bowling is improving..is it 10 pin lg ball, 5 pin sm ball or Duckpin? [10 pins small ball}
We always bowed 5 pin.
I look forward to seeing the fair and square chart soon And a photo of the wip.