Thank you to everyone for the nice comments on Rose Sampling!

I was all proud of myself for finally framing this piece, and doing a decent enough job of it that I'm thinking of framing some other pieces... and then this morning I re-read the packaging for the board I mounted it to. Bad call, I shoulda left well enough alone. Did you know you're supposed to attach the stitching to the sticky side of the board?!? I thought you stretch it over the smooth side, and just tack down the edges on the sticky side - on the back! LOL, I'm still not redoing it.

MZ & I went for a walk during lunch since it was so nice out - I think it reached the 60's today. I wasn't even wearing a jacket, and we were discussing possible sunburn. Not your typical January discussion for a New Yorker!

Tonight I'm getting my stitchy things organized and packing for a trip to DC to visit a cousin. Is's my mom's first cousin, and she used to live in NY until she moved to a suburb of DC about 8 years ago. Since 2004 I've visited her with one of my brothers every June or July, but last summer was busier than expected so I'm going now by myself. Last trip (June '06) I did some googling and found a needlework shop near her house in Fairfax. Of course we had to stop in, this was before my NY LNS opened so the idea of going to an actual needlework shop was mind boggling :-) Even though I didn't recognize a lot of the designers and fibers, I dragged Is all over the store looking at everything and explaining stitching to her somewhat. I ended up buying Trilogy's Spring Lineup, and IS was very amused that I got fuzzy whisper for the clouds. (That reminds me, I need to pack Spring Lineup to show her :-)

A few months later, Is's friend dragged her into a needlework shop when they were out shopping together, so IS decided to give stitching a try. By now she has finished a few pieces and even framed some, but haven't seen any pictures. I can't wait 'til tomorrow when I get to see them! We're going to do *some* sightseeing, but I have a feeling we're spending most of my visit stitching.

Off to pack and watch the return of Jon Stewart & the Colbert Report. Ttys!