Fair & Square round 5

An enormous wedding-recap post is on the way, but these deserve a special post of their own. Here is my Fair & Square exchange from Michele!

I'd never *met* Michele (in the blogosphere) before partnering with her for this exchange, but I was immediately struck by how similar our stitching tastes are. As I was looking through her albums of finishes the thought in my head was either "Oh, I've stitched that too!", "I love that design", "That's in my queue", or "I'd totally stitch that if not for the [insert holiday that I don't celebrate here]-y theme".

So it's no surprise to me that Michele picked such a perfect-for-me design. This wasn't even on my radar to stitch, and now I can't believe that I missed it. I love the dark fabric that she chose to stitch on too, much more "me" than the "recommended" color from the website.

Michele sent along some eerily perfect goodies with her exchange packet:
  • a Little Notebook - how did she know that I LOVE little notebooks and writing lists and reminders to myself
  • a small photo frame - I took nearly a gigabyte of photos on Sunday at the wedding (and I'll share some later :-D
  • a packet of really cute tissues - I caught a cold yesterday. (however I'm using plain white tissues because the others are too pretty to use, of course!)
Michele, your exchange was spot on. Thank you so much for being my partner this round!

I'm going to borrow Michele's photo of what I sent her, because hers came out much better than the one I took (Hope you don't mind! :)


Kim B said...

Those are great squares!

staci said...

Congrats on a great exchange!

Vonna said...

Well that's super that you've gotten the perfect exchange from sweet Michele!!!

Ranae said...

Awesome exchange, love the squares.

tkdchick said...

Wow the squares are great!!!

Michele said...

Kim ... I had so much fun getting to know you and stitch for you .. if there weren't years of difference in our ages .. I'd think you were my twin! lol :)