I'm still here...

I got an "are you still alive" email today. I haven't blogged in a week, but even more importantly, my usually up-to-date google reader is cranky that I have 1000+ unread threads, and I haven't been commenting because I haven't been reading. But I'm still here, really!

Let's see
::scrolls through the blog to see what the last post isabout::
Aha. Since 3/31, I've

- gone on another shabbaton. Less crazy than the last time - only 1 location, more helpers, and better organization. Still an incredibly busy weekend but I was able to do more than sleep the rest of the week afterwards. Always a good thing! Stopped at an outlet mall that we passed on our way home, and went shopping at Ann Taylor. My wardrobe is now completely replenished for the spring and summer - :-D

- went to the dentist, and everything looked good. Yay! I like my dentist (he's a friend of the family and a NICE guy) but it's still a pain to go.

- orchestrated the gifts for my parents anniversary from my siblings and me. This was a 3-day production... but at least we got to skip the surpise party thing. Which is fine because they didn't want one anyway.

- planned (somewhat) JS's bridal shower. This is getting a post all its own, hopefully tomorrow. Let's just say, there's a saying, "Three Jews, 4 opinions". In our case it's 4 people planning the shower, there's at least 17 opinions, and I stupidly volunteered to corral everyone. At least I know I'll be happy with the results, right?

- worked on a couple of exchanges, and received some too. These are getting their own posts eventually... I hope...

- found Ravelry and got completely sucked in. To say it's the most amazing website for knitters and crocheters is a ginormous understatement. Btw, check out my sidebar! I have a new Progress Bars thingy that shows the projects I'm working on via Ravelry. I need to go do a 3rd post about my Ravenclaw socks. Funny story how that came into being...

- gone to work and gotten a lot of stuff done there. We're getting some crazy deadlines again :-(

Gotta run do 8 million things. Did I mention I'm still not done cleaning for Pesach? Aaah!

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Kim B said...

You sound like you've been going non-stop!