I found a new bead shop on my way home yesterday! I was walking up Broadway to Penn Station, and I'm not sure of the exact street but I think it was 29th street. Don't ask me the name, there's a scaffolding out front blocking their awning. They have a lot of the crystal beads I like to use as sparkly filler, and I found 2 strands of gemstones that I really liked, and both were in the sale area - :-) I'm proud to report that I only purchased materials for 2 necklaces that will go well with some new work tops I bought labor day Sunday. So my bead stash isn't too much bigger.

Last night I was very restrained, and instead of trying out my new purchases I buckled down and worked on Fat Cat. between yesterday and today I finished most of the Cat aspect, now I have the outlining, eyes and nose to finish. Oh and the Smyrna stitches over the background. In the model you can see where the thread was carried across from Smyrna to Smyrna, quite clearly! I'm going to try to avoid a similar effect on my piece, because otherwise I'd rather just leave out the stitches and avoid the messy look.

Today after work my dad & I went to the dentist. I like our dentist because he was a friend of the family long before we started having a more professional relationship. I think dentists are the only kind of doctor where I wouldn't mind going to someone who is a good friend, and was a friend before they were my doctor. I had a pretty fun time sitting in the waiting area, watching tv and working on JBW pumpkin. The other fun thing about going to the dentist is that we always bring Dr. B a bottle of scotch :)

Since it's a 5 minute drive from the dentist office to my grandparents' my mom sent some things for us to drop off there too. I also brought them a thank you gift - they have a bungalow in the Catskills, and every summer I spend a couple weekends there - as do my cousins, a couple of aunts, and one uncle. Anyways, I found a relatively inexpensive DVD player at Target and thought I'd get them one, since they like watching the movies in the Casino at the bungalow colony and my aunt said they didn't have one. My dad, who usually avoids interacting with his in-laws by using my siblings and me as a buffer, was drafted to set up the box when I got stuck. Of course I was responsible for training on the new system, and I'm half expecting grandma to call my cell at 1 am asking how to fix something. I wrote out & went over instructions on using each remote, so hopefully she'll be okay.

Okay, back to stitching on Fat Cat in the hopes that I might finish sometime before Sukkot. Good night all,

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