New Year's Resolutions

My new year's resolutions for the new year (tomorrow! OMG I'm so not ready) are:
1. To keep writing this blog, posting at least 3 times a week
2. To be more helpful, in general
3. To finish more or the same amount of projects that I start

To that end, I'm going to borrow from another blog and list my xs wips and stash and set a goal to finish 20 of them by Tu B'Shvat (aka January 22) and to not buy any new charts or kits until I do. I'm going to make an exception for Chanukah and wedding gifts, since it's too far in advance to start planning them now. One caveat - if a project requires multiple charts, such as the Bent Creek month snappers, I'm counting them as more than 1 project. However there is no partial credit, so I'm counting them only after I've finished the whole 12 charts.

So here's my list:
1 - 12. BC month snappers (started 9/16 - 3 months done 2 in progress)
13 - 16. BC winter snapperland (in progress)
17 - 20. BC spring snapperland (in progress)
21. E&E&F Fat Cat (completed!)
22. Trilogy Spring Lineup (completed 12/02)
23. Trilogy Summer Lineup (in progress)
24. JBW French Country Pear (in progress)
25. JBW French Country Pumpkin (in progress)
26. HIH Dog sampler (in progress)
27. LK Official Snow Guide
28. BC The Lighthouse
29. BC Good Morning
30. LK Flip it November blocks
31. LK Flip it October blocks
32. LK Flip it February blocks (started 9/16)
33. BC SW peace be with you (in progress)
34. BC Happy Independance Day
35. BC Happy Thanksgiving
36. Simply Heritage Dogs Spanner
37. Something in Common Woodland Sampler
38. BC Redbird Sampler
39. Sam Sarah Inspire
40. Lavender Wings Dreamer's High
41. BC Blue Moon
42. S&BF Fall Sampler
43. BC Bee of good cheer
44. S&BF Fruit Sampler - Apple (in progress)
45. LHN Rose Sampler (completed)
46. Brittercup Touch of the Wilderness
47. SamSarah Explore
48. DKDS Challah Cover
49. Shepherd's Bush Thankful Sheep (completed twice)

I might add to that list later, because I just know that as soon as I hit post I'll remember something to add.

Edited to include status updates: 10 WIPs and 4 completed.

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