Stitchers rock!

I just got back from the LNS about an hour ago - yes at 10pm. The Lazy Daisy Stitchery had a stitch in night where you could bring your work in progress and work on it there, and also pick up supplies. There were about 15 people and it was filled to capacity. The shop is smallish, very long and narrow but it's laid out extremely well, not many stands or pieces of furniture so it wasn't too tight a tight fit. One woman next to me was working on the Village of Hawks Run Hollow, which I'd seen on the internet and other peoples' blogs so it was cool to see it in person finally. And she was working it over one thread! It's coming out very small but it is gorgeous, I hope she brings it to next months' stitch in so I can see the progress :) Another person was working on an enormous project with a submarine and animals, I never got to see the front but from the back it looked very nice ;)

I tried working on the Bent Creek month snappers but I'd forgotten my scissors so it was v. frustrating, so I switched to LK's February blocks and did the foliage on the tree. I didn't go too crazy with the shopping, just picked up the patterns of the 3 months I'm missing from the BC snappers, then some threads and fabric for a couple of stash patterns (and they're on my list so it's okay). I also got a really nice kit to make for my exchange partner at Fair and Square, and not that she or anybody actually reads this blog but I'm not posting pics or more info until I mail the thing out.

This is going to be a relatively short post. I wasn't feeling to well today (until I went to the LDS of course) so I'm going to get some sleep and hope for the best. I have an interview tomorrow, and I also REALLY REALLY don't want to feel sick on Yom Kippur, that is the worst. Good night all.


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