Blechy Day

Today has been a very blechy day, mostly for three reasons. First, I got about 2.5 hours of sleep last night so I'm waaaay overtired, plus I don't feel so good (unrelated to the fatigue). Despite not sleeping much I got very little stitching done last night - curses to you Spider Solitaire! Second, my commute was, shall we say, less than ideal. When I finally dragged my butt to the train this morning I couldn't find any seat except in the middle of one of the 6-person seating arrangements on the LIRR - I was much too tired to stand for the whole ride. And since I'd definitely forget anythings I left in the overhead compartments, I sat with my knapsack and everything on my lap. Worst of all, it seemed like everyone on the train, including the people to my left and right, had colds or sniffles... so I hope I didn't catch anything!

The trifecta occured when I got to work and saw an email from my coworker... I'll spare you the details of the silly argument I had with my coworker, but I feel badly about it and it really tainted my whole day.

On to happier musings: things that will make my afternoon/evening wonderful, or just less blechy:

1) I am going to stop at a new shopping find, The City Quilter, on my way home to pick up some fabric so that I can *try* to finish some of my stitched pieces. I brought some of my individually-stitched BC monthly snappers to match fabric for *practice* finishing on.

2) I found the form to apply for an LIRR bike permit! So tonight on my way through Penn Station I'm gonna apply, and then maybe Thursday I can take the train to PW and then bike a mostly downhill route to work that also uses much less-trafficy. Getting home will suck though.

3) My evening bike ride

4) Sky!

5) Stitching and crocheting, of course.

And on that more-positive note, I'd better get going.


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