Woo hoo!

My new computer arrived yesterday!!! To make a boring story short, I am such a technophile and my old computer needed to be reformatted 2 years ago and replaced about 1 year ago... And then my brother got a job working for a big computer company, so I waited about six months for him to graduate college and start his job so I could use his employee discount... which is also the only reason that I didn't get a Mac. Anyways, this computer has been greatly anticipated, and I can't wait to get started on all sorts of fun computer projects!

After my bike ride yesterday I spent most of the evening setting up the new computer, and it is GREAT. Windows Vista is weird and definitely takes some getting used to, but I think once I get all my settings in it will be no worse than good old XP (= yup that's Mac envy for ya). I love that new-computer feeling: clean keyboard, fast processor... okay I'm going to stop gushing now. Still trying to think of a new name for my computer though (the old one is Steve, btw). If you have any suggestions, let me know :)

Now that I'm on the shiny new computer it seems time to start posting some pictures. First up is a picture of Sky. She's part Great Dane, part Lab, and we're not sure what else but probably something huge since she's enormous. She's the sweetest dog ever and very graceful; unfortunately people tend to freak out when they see an enormous black dog racing up to greet & jump on them & freak out, but she's really a sweetheart. Oh well, she'll grow out of the puppy phase soon enough, and until then it's a great way to find out who my real friends are ;)

This is a recent finish, I forget what the pattern's called but it's by SamSarah. They make really cute designs! I changed the color of the text because I didn't like the pale white-ish color they had, and I ended up with a GAST purple that's just a tad too close in color to the purple of the fabric... in good light (and good flash) you can read it clearly, but in poor light the purples fade together a bit. Oh well, I like it anyways, I'll just be careful where I put it right?

This is as far as I've gotten on LK's February blocks. I really really like the colors, which of course you can't see in this photo so just trust me on that one.

Sorry for the super long post but I was just so happy to have pictures to post! Enjoy,


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