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[Photo 1] This is my first LHN finish! Also my LHN start, so that's good :) It was pretty quick to stitch, and I think I'm going to try more LHN designs in the future. This one is going to look great in my bedroom, which has a lot of green already.

[Photo 2] I finished this over the summer but recently pulled it out to show someone, so I figured I'd post a pic of it. It's a design by JBW, French Country Apple and took me about 2 days to stitch.

I'm seriously annoyed with myself over this piece. When I stitched this, I thought it was strange to write "Pomme" instead of "La Pomme", since in French you usually put an article of some sort and not just a noun, but I went against my instinct and stitched it as directed. Well now I'm working on the Pear from this series, and the pattern calles for "La Poire"! I think I'm going to change this one - better have them both right than both wrong, even if it means more work for me.

[Photo 3] I went to my LNS yesterday to pick up threads for the next photo, my BC snappers, and walked out with some additional thread purchases, my first Q-snaps, and LHN's new design "Princess and the P". I know I'm trying not to get new charts until I stitch some stash, but I finished a couple of things lately, so I went for it.

Of course Ihad to change the color of the dog to match Sky, and I'm not a huge fan of light pink with black so I ended up changing all the colors... And now the bed is blue :-) I had blue sheets in my dorm.

I'm still not sure about the color of the pillow. You can barely see it on the left side of the bed, I might have picked too light a color. Oh well, I'm going to finish stitching it and then consider what to do. Any advice?

[Photo 4] I'm making some progress on my Bent Creek snappers, but I misplaced the July chart for a couple of days, so I started on August. "Rings" is off-by-one to the left but I'm not sure if I care. Then I discovered I forgot to get any Lancaster Red, and half the August pattern's done in red... thus my LNS run yesterday. Despite starting the new LHN I actually worked on this yesterday too, and now that I have the colors and the pattern July is going down. Tonight.
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Sweet Pea said...

I'm itching to get the Princess and the Pea as well. So far I've been resisting, but I think that might be all over today when I stop by my LNS to pick up a framed piece.