Wow it's been a long weekend. Literally: it's been four days. I love the holiday season but seriously, by Shmini Atzeret and Simchat Torah I think everyone is sick of seeing each other and eating all that food. We're very low key about holidays at my house but still, I'm actually looking forward to going back to work. Won't that change around 9:05 tomorrow morning ;-)

I designed and started my second exchange square (the one with my name), but I could tell I didn't have enough of the blue thread I was working with so work kinda came to a halt while I ponder what I can use as a substitute. Instead of finally finishing, I finished my first LHN piece, the Rose Sampler. It took a long time to stitch but it's really pretty in the end. It'll look great on my wall since it's got plenty of green in it. I used the recommended colors of DMC on Light Mocha linen.

I finally got LHN's Dog sampler (which I ordered ages ago) in the mail on Saturday. I definitely need to rework the color scheme, since it's based around the dog being browns and I'd like to make it black with a white spot, like Sky.

Today was my cousin's engagement party, at his fiancee's parent's home in Jersey. Their house is gorgeous and the whole party was very fancy and nicely done. I spent most of the party hanging out with C or with my grandma, who's getting older and needs a bit of minding. Usually I'm the one behind the camera but today I actually made it into some pictures. I hope I get a copy of some of them.

One last piece of news - the Yankee's finally won! We're still in it, thank goodness. Go Yankees! Please don't lose again tomorrow!


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