BC Snappers - decision time

I know I haven't been blogging much about stitching recently, but I have been working on stuff, really! Recently I've been working on my BC snapper months, and I'm about 75% finished with both September and October - I like to work on 2 months at once so that when I discover I'm missing threads, I can keep going with it.

My dilemma is that the next pair I'm working on are November and December, and I think I want to change the December Swirls pattern. I know it's just a chimney, but I think it's a Christmassy chimney, so I can't stitch it. I also have similar objections to the currect February square - February Glows - because I also don't celebrate St. Valentine's day (but that's a less pressing problem right now).

Any suggestions on redesigns for December? My first thought was to change the snow to swirl around a menorah, but that would be uneven b/c no other holidays are referenced in the piece. Now I'm thinking:
December Purls : with a design of knitting
December Swirls : a mug of hot chocolate with swirls on the top and steam curling from it
December Hurls : snowball fight?
Ok that last one's a stretch! But what else rhymes with -irls? Girls, Pearls, Whirls, Furls, Burls... okay there's a bunch, but what would I stitch for December?

Hopefully February will be easier! More rhymes with Blows and Snows: Throws, Knows, Grows, Goes, Flows, Crows... etc. It could also glow from a candle or a fireplace instead of a heart. We'll see.

I like how this person switched out the snaps for buttons. Snaps are not my style either so I'm considering buttons too. Or just stitches.


Sweet Pea said...

Okay, I think I have an idea for your december. Instead of a chimney, why not stitch in a tiny little house with snowflakes swirling around it?

Or a slightly cheesier idea - a package (you can do it in more Chanukah colors like blue and silver) with curled ribbons on top. December curls! (I know, I know. I'm a cornball)

Also, February is American Heart month, so the heart could still be appropriate. You can also change it to February Knows and use a groundhog peeking out of his hole.

Sonda in OR said...

Would changing the chimney to a more bricky red/brown color help to take the Christmas out of it. I never would have seen Christmas in the chimney, but I saw in it the swirling of snow and smoke coming out of the chimney.

I like Sweet Pea's idea of American Heart month or the Groundhog day thing.

Good Luck!