Happy Chanukah!

My mom's parents are staying over tonight, so we all lit candles together. This is my menorah.

Singing Ma'oz Tsur after candle lighting with Sky. She's either listening intently or attempting to sniff out my last meal from my breath, it's hard to tell.

Chanukah is the only holiday Sky dresses up for. My dad & older brother object, but as silly as it looks Sky doesn't mind the collar and since it generally earns her extra attention for any people in the vicinity, I think she enjoys it. She's definitely not unhappy with it and barely tries to eat it. We don't push our luck, it comes off pretty quickly.

Sky enjoying her Chanukah present.
My mom's stepladder is falling apart so I got her a new one. It's not a real Chanukah present, but presenting it as such means she'll have to use it instead of returning to the broken down one she has now. Manipulative? I think it's for the greater good in this case.

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Jacque said...


LOVE the picture with you and Sky...she is listening..you can tell! I got socks with dreidels on them last night from my mom! LOL!

Ricky is the waterworks I spoke of. And, if you want to laugh yourself sick, go and read the review(s) by Linda Sharp on Don't Get me Started (link on my blog)...she's hilarious! She does a really mean American Idol and we talked her into recapping PR for us!

More Paris stories, please! : )