Clash finale

Tonight was the Clash of the Choirs finale on NBC. I love that show! My favorite team won :-) and actually the top 3 were ranked how I'd have ranked them. Nick Lachey's team was soooo good, they sang such great songs. It looked like everyone on the show had a great time doing the show, which made it even more fun for me to watch. I hope this means they'll do a round 2 or something.

The host was really messing up a lot tonight. She kept getting peoples' names wrong. She'd go up to a team after they sing, and she's supposed to go to the person with the emotional, tearjerker story and ask them how they *felt* about singing live on TV or something. Well, she'd go up to the wrong person! And not just once, I remember at least 3 times! The *normal people* were pretty polite about it, until the 3rd time when the person finally just said "I'm not Lindsey, I'm ___." The funniest part was that the hostess had spoken to Lindsey after one of the songs earlier in the week, I think Monday, so she really had no excuse.

Anyways, the show was really good as usual, with lots of great singing :-) I even liked the songs team Shelton did, although I still didn't love Patti Labelle's team's selection. I think PL and I just have different tastes.

This is the what I've been working on since I mailed my Fair Squares exchange. I finished the cross stitching part tonight during Clash. The design is a freebie called 2006 Wyvern from Dragon Dreams, and I stuck to the recommended DMCs except for the mug which I changed from blue & white to pink. I'm going to turn it into a scissor fob, to practice for my exchange piece for the Hooked on Exchanging scissor fob exchange.

Next up is a Drawn Thread freebie chart so I can practice another fob. Mercy was right, these are addicting!


Ranae said...

Aww! The dragon is so cute, love the color. I still have to tackle that goal of making a FOB. Smalls are not my forte, lol.
Lately, I have been drawn (no pun intended) (hehe) to Drawn thread designs.

Sweet Pea said...

DH vetoed Clash of the Choirs almost immediately as soon as he saw the first commercial. (He knows I'm a sucker for a reality show). However, I was too far into Crowned: The Mother of all Beauty Pagents before he could stop me. You should check out that show - it's HILARIOUS!

tkdchick said...

Your DD finish looks great!!! I 've stitched her up myself.

Sorry I haven't replied to your comment sooner. Is there something you'd like in exchange for BC's Lighthouse and EducCATed?

Dawn said...

Oh your little dragon looks so cute! I just love Dragon Dreams designs:)