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This is gonna be a short post. I have a headache, and when that happens the best thing to do is sign off the computer ASAP.

I mailed off my exchange today to Australia. We'll see when it gets there. I went for the bubble-lined envelope at the post office, so it *should* arrive in good condition. We'll see. They only had either tiny envelopes or enormous ones (like, 11x14), so my exchange partner might think I'm a bit strange. Oh well.

This morning I went dress shopping with my mom for a dress for my cousin D's wedding, which will be this March. She already ordered her dress and was going in for a fitting. I'm kinda picky and not everything looks good on me so I was only cautiously optimistic. And I found a dress! A really, really pretty dress, and it's black so I'm going be able to wear it a zillion times after this wedding :-)

On the topic of dresses, JS and I have been discussing bridesmaid dresses. It looks like I'm going dress shopping again next week :-\ We wanted to go Sunday but places are closed for Christmas, even though Christmas is Tuesday. I don't understand why they are closed on Sunday already, but ok.

Anyways, I'm being a good little bridesmaid and helping her find shops that sell the designers she likes. I think I'm getting the hang of this bridesmaid gig :)

We've picked a date for the shower - May 4th - and I think everyone's on board with having it here. NYC apartments are so small, and shopping w/out a car is kinda hard, so this is probably the best choice. Am I being too OCD trying to plan the shower stuff now? I just feel like all of April is going to be so Passover-crazy, and it's April 20th-27th, so by the time it's over it's too late to plan for the shower the 4th. This way we'll get the planning done with and it'll be so stress free for everyone.

I'm watching Clash of the Choirs now, which means I need to go stitch something. If you can, definitely tune in. It's a great show. Nick Lachey's team is the best and the one I'm rooting for to win.

Keep rocking out, even if it's choir style.

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Sweet Pea said...

It's absolutely okay to be planning the shower now. Invites should go out 4-6 weeks before the shower, so that puts you middle of March, beginning of April, and everything has to be nailed down (okay, not everything, but the big stuff) by the time the invites go out.