Good news (sort of)

So tonight was another hospital visit, this time for my other (maternal) grandma. At first my grangpa thought it was a stroke from the symptoms, since she has had them before and was very out of it. The ER doc was very impressive, he figured out very quickly that it was *just* pneumonia - not that it's nothing, but it's way better than a stroke no? So that's the good news. The best part is, they gave her tylenol and an IV & she was much, much better only an hour later.

So the funny story for the evening... every 20 minutes or so, Grandpa would ask Grandma where she was, in order to see if she was feeling better & more with it. This technique was of limited sucess. Grandma could tell you she was in a hostpital, but not which one - because no one told her in the first place! Lol.

After the antibiotics kicked in and she was really better, Grandpa branched out into more complex questions. There were still some bugs in the system.
"What's the name of the ship you took from Europe to America?" Mom & I look at each other.
"I didn't take a ship, I was born here." Correct.
"No you weren't"
We intervened. Grandma was born here.
"Oh. Where were you born?"
Grandma spouted the name of some avenue. Probably the right one, but who knows? We weren't around when it happened.
"I don't think so." - Grandpa.
This went on for a while. We knew Grandma was feeling better because she kept arguing Grandpa around to her side, which is the status quo for them.

I still have to give them their Chanukah preset. Oh well, good excuse to visit Grandma tomorrow.

Here's to seeing the positive side of the not-so-great times.


Sweet Pea said...

I have two elderly grandmothers-in-law, I know how scary a trip to the hospital can be. While pneumonia isn't that great, it IS way better than a stroke, and I laughed over the image of them arguing where your grandmother was born. Too funny!

Jacque said...

Hopefully she'll be even better today! They sound so sweet!!