Makeover & Making Plans

Last night was the last night of Chanukah :-( The menorot were pretty with all their candles, but I'm still gonna miss the holiday. And of course this morning, on the last day of the holiday, I find this article to bum me out even more. People are ridiculous. And give me a break, you can still be anti-semetic even if you have some Jewish relatives. Racists clearly aren't the brightest people to begin with, I'm sure a little thing like logic won't stop them!

Changing the subject.

Now that I've been on Blogger a while I decided it's time to give my blog a makeover. My original style was fine to start out with but I've learned more about what I like (sidebar elements) & dislike (orange, gray, and "897"). It was time for a change. Let me know how you like the new sidebar elements (did I go overboard with the adding?) and keep an eye out for my new favorite find: polls. I also posted some of the blogs I follow - not a comprehensive list, so if I've forgotten the obvious please drop me an email.

No new Bones or NCIS last night, but I worked on my Fair Square exchange. It's coming along really well, just 1 or 2 nights more should do it. I'm looking forward to sending out this exchange, it's going all the way to Australia and that is definitely the farthest I've mailed anything ever. Last year I received a postcard from a friend traveling in Thailand and it took over a month to get to me; I'm hoping it was the countries involved and not the distance that caused the delay.

Speaking of Australians, we're going bowling again tomorrow after work as a welcome for a new hire in Brian's group, and she's Australian! I wonder if they have the same rules as we do? Maybe I won't be the worst this time around :-)

I got my email from Edgar with the info on my partner for the SBBC yesterday :!) (=snowman smiley). I'm really happy with who I got for timing reasons but also because we seem to have similar stitching tastes so it should be easy to chose what to send. I've also been to this person's nearest NS and liked it a lot, so I'm going to check his/her blog and if they don't already go I can matchmake. I love using my superpowers for the forces of good, and networking is one of the best to use on someone else's behalf.

In case you were wondering, my other superpowers include: creating order out of chaos, untangling knots, and riding a bicycle through Parisian traffic. I reserve the right to claim more at a later date, that's just what I can think of now. Feel free to comment with a list your own superpowers :-)

Have a super-powered day!


Sweet Pea said...

Ugh - what is WRONG with people? How on earth do you go from wishing people happy holidays to beating them up? A simple Thank You would have sufficed.

Last night on our local news, there was a story about a couple of men who threw a snowball at a woman walking into a convenience store. She ignored them, but when her male friend got out of the car to confront him, they beat him with brass knuckles. It makes me sick - even if you don't like someone for whatever reason (race, religion, sex, whatever), LEAVE THEM ALONE. Is it really so hard? Not everyone is going to like each other and get along, but really, do people have to beat the crap out of each other?

Anyway, my super powers include putting things away so well I never see them again, finding signs directing me to where I want to get to, and remembering birthdays, anniversaries and addresses (except for zip codes). I cannot remember phone numbers - and speed dial has made that worse.

Jacque said...

I so agree...what is WRONG with people? Linda at DGMS wrote in her blog about this story also.

Have fun bowling and enjoy the Aussy. One of my best friends is from Australia and I've learned some fun lingo from her and would love to visit her homeland one day!

I don't think I have any superpowers and that just feels wrong...I'll for sure work on that in 2008!

tkdchick said...

Wow! You've got some amazing superpowers there!

I just popped my F&S in the mail, if I'm lucky it'll make it before Christmas????

Janet said...

David O'Doherty's song "Very Mild Superpowers". It could be your personal anthem! It's on You Tube I think. As for me, I can sense a misdemeanor from the other end of the house (just ask my 3 year old).