A JS Wedding Update

Not much going on today, so I give you an update on JS's wedding. Enjoy!

JS IMed me in a panic about bridesmaid dresses. All along the plan has been for her to pick 1 designer and 1 color, and each of the bridesmaids can pick whatever style she likes. Well, she told me that over the weekend her mom told her to let us choose from just 2 styles. At which point I started panicking too. We are all very different body types, so this is going to be a disaster. First of all, if we don't get a 2-2 split then the odd person out (and I know it's gonna be me) is going to look like the idiot who ordered the wrong dress or the [insert unflattering adjective] girl who couldn't pull off the same style as the others. Second, I cannot imagine a dress that would fit me well and also fit any also any of the other 3 girls well. Ditto for fitting JS's other non-sister bridesmaid and any other person. I don't know her sister or the fiance's sister so well, but they *might* have similar body types. So good luck with that plan.

Thank goodness JS doesn't like the 2 dress style idea either! I'm not sure if I would argue with both her and her mom on the dress I'd be wearing, or if I'd just shut my mouth and go along so as not to cause problems. Luckily she's way ahead of me, and her mom seems pretty reasonable. So I think she's just not working with all the facts that JS and I are, which would be how different the 4 of us are. JS said something about having her call me (yikes!), or maybe she'll just email her mom photos of us and she'll see for herself.

JS still hasn't picked a dress designer or a dress color yet so that's the other thing she was panicking about. I got her slightly calmer, and found out all the dates she could possibly go dress looking. We called up some dress stores and we now have plans to go look at a place in Manhattan on New Year's Eve. Problem solved. Now we just have to actually pick stuff, but she's pretty decisive about things so I'm not worried.

Oh, I forgot to mention. I'm going to visit my cousin in DC next month, the one who stitches. HD! We're going to drive to Colonial Williamsburg - my first visit - and also try to go to the stitching night at her LNS. Should be fun. If anyone has any other LNS to recommend, or interesting/unusual stuff to see while in DC, please leave me a comment. Thanks!


Jacque said...

You'll LOVE Williamsburg. LOVE LOVE LOVE! There are a few outlets there (Cole Hahn, Ralph Lauren off the top of my head) that I used to go to quite a bit...back in 1990-1996..fun times! I believe the shop I fell in love with is calling "Dyeing to Stitch" or something like that..it's owned by the R&R ladies. HAVE FUN!!!

As for the wedding dress dilemma, I think the bride picking the color is great...YOU should get to decide the style. YOU are paying for it and YOU have to wear it! : )

Sweet Pea said...

Ditto on the outlets. We were down there a few years ago and they're REALLY nice. Plus my best friend lives in VA and she's been there more recently and said they were even better than when we went down.

We visited In Stitches in Alexandria the last time we were in the area.

I also want to visit Stitching Pretty next time we're down there.

Sweet Pea said...

I found a few more for you: