Ravioli rave

I went out for lunch today with MZ. It was an open ended invite to the *crew* at work, but it ended up being just the two of us so instead of the tex-mex bar & restaurant we usually go to, we went for *girly* food at a nearby shopping center. Lan and I found it one day on a lunchtime AC Moore run. It's a few doors down, and from the outside it's nothing special, but we're both *slightly* obsessed with this one dish they serve, the Butternut Squash Raviolis. We pretty much go there just for these raviolis. We haven't been since the spring so it was past time for a visit, but she's off this week and too busy these days anyway. So we went without her.

This was MZ's first trip, and she ordered a turkey burger. Still yum, but it wasn't the same. She tried some of my raviolis though, and agreed that next time that's what she'd be ordering. She was talking about going back there with her BF... so I think it was a hit :-D

Still trying to figure out how to get to DC, but now it looks like Jetblue is winning the battle for my affections. Apparently Greyhound goes to a shady part of town, and I'd be getting in at like 11 or midnight, and I couldn't ask my cousin to pick me up from there. She found a different bus company but they have 2 buses a day, and the time doesn't work for me. I could drive down but Jetblue sent me an email offer... so I might just do that. We'll see.

I spoke to my cousin and I'm going to my first NCSY shabbaton this weekend, yay! I'm not 100% sure what to pack, and apparently there's a dress code. Since I'm going as staff I can't wear pants at all. Even driving up to Monsey, or before or after Shabbat. And no short sleeves. We're supposed to be good examples. Oh well, it'll be interesting. Four of my relatives will be there and some others live nearby, so it should be fun.

Tonight I went bowling with Sh and Chavi and I didn't suck! I even bowled a 97 one game, which for me is like huge. Even though we bowled well we still had fun.

I'm off to put in 20 stitches on Ivy before I conk out. Good night!

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Ranae said...

Happy Holidays!!
you little busy bee,lol.