Behave or I'll knit you

Work was fun today!

So this morning my coworker and I were talking about Old Bethpage, a colonial restoration village on Long Island. His wife works there sometimes, and when I said that I'd like to volunteer there (because I love all the crafts & want to learn them :) he warned me to watch out for the unruly sheep. He has met Sky before, and she's the size of a horse, so I figure I can handle some sheep. Aren't they supposed to be meek?

Then I thought about it some more and said, "I could just knit them." He cracked up.

I was going to run to AC Moore during my lunch hour for some needles, but Karen, my coworker that got me started scrapbooking, *convinced* me to go out with a bunch of people from my department. Someone from the French office is visiting for the week, so we're trying to show him a good time. They take care of us, it's only fair to return the favor, right? We decided to go to a Mexican restaurant nearby and split into 2 cars. I ended up with Karen, MZ, and Christina. Three of us (not MZ) have been to one (or more) of the European offices, and the conversation turned to how they would drink alcohol during lunch. This turned into 7 of us (MZ was driving) splitting a pitcher of Margaritas and a pitcher of Sangria. It was a very fun lunch :-)

We got some work done that afternoon, but I made sure to wait a while before doing anything requiring thinking.

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