Thursday update

Work was a lot less fun today. There's a (very important) report I used to run that has so many finicky parts that something breaks every time you run it, so you have to check everything. Big PITA. Well it got passed along to JC about 2 months ago, which was fine with me, except that he's a little... technologically inept. He usually can't diagnose or correct any problems that happen, so I get called in to fix it. Which is fine, my department is very friendly and we all help each other out whenever asked, no glory hounds :-) But I just hate running the report, and I don't love getting dragged back into it.

Today was a really tough problem. It turned out that a field broke due to the new year, but it took us from 10-2 to figure out what exactly since there are so many finicky parts to the process, and we went through a lot of them before finding the error. So no AC Moore during lunch again. It felt really good to fix the thing though :-)

After work I went to my LNS. I picked up some fabric I needed, some blue fabric I didn't need but really liked, and a chart to stitch JF for her birthday. Haha, I now have 2 friends that're JF! I meant my singing friend. I also got a couple of Casey Buonaugurio charts to stitch on some sparkly pink fabric I'd ordered from Silkweaver. They just fit on the fabric I got! Can't wait to stitch them, they look like quick stitches.

Partner assignments for Round 5 of the Fair & Square Exchange came yesterday :-D I got Michele, and aside from being super friendly, we also have the same taste in cross stitch designers! I picked something to stitch for her in record time. And if I find something better in the next week or two it's no problem, because I'm planning to stitch it for myself too :-)

It was snowing and raining when I left my LNS but I had 2 more stops to make. I did a return to Best Buy and then stopped in at Borders. I went to exchange the Veronica Mars DVDs I got for my b-day, because one of the disks came scratched and wouldn't play. Thank goodness for gift receipts :-) I also found a new release by an author I like and picked up a Grey's Anatomy calendar for LN (she's a huge fan).

Off to go play with my new stash. Have a great night!


Beatrice said...

Have fun with your new stash. The pink sparklie sounds pretty!

tkdchick said...

Isn't it nice to have an F&S partner with the same tastes as you!