Help a girl out...

What color is Bronze? I'm making a Blue & Bronze exchange package, and I have come to terms with the fact that I have no idea what color it is! It's some kind of brown, with some amount of yellow and red tossed in there, but when faced with a choice of yarns, fabrics or flosses I can't pin it down. I'm so embarrassed, but I really I'm not as ignorant as this sounds. I know all the crazy colors: mauve, aubergine, celadon, sage. I even know what color Coral is (and will argue it to the death with my brothers when necessary)!

Please use the internation color numeration system (aka DMC floss colors) and post a comment below. Put your 2 cents in even if someone else has already, because I've asked 5 people IRL and I've gotten 4 answers, so I am weighting by number of responses.

Thanks guys! Have a good night.

PS Times like this it sucks to be a book purist ;-)


Jennifer said...

I'd say bronze is almost like a coppery color, but less red.

Something like this

Or this

Or even this

Kendra said...

Bronze is metallic, so looking at my DMC color card, I come up with bronze = 5279/E301. These are from the Light Effects line.

For a non-metallic DMC number...maybe 920, 921, or 922??

Hope this helps!

AngelSan said...

thinking about it... I have no clue. I would go with 920-922 range like Kendra says.

Ruth said...

Well going from this site
which has pictures of a couple bronze plaques which show the range of bronze, I think I'd lean towards DMC 676, 729, 3829.

Sorry, I don't think this really helps settle the debate :)

Xangles said...

I agree with Kendra - I went for the 5279/E301 (precious metal effect) :-)