I found a dress :-)

My mom & I went to David's Bridal after work. I literally tried on every BM dress that didn't have beading (because my hair'd catch). Long story short, I showed my mom JS's picks and she was much quicker than I to see that they wouldn't do at all. Even the one I thought *could* work didn't with the jacket on. A jacket is required because we need sleeves and they don't make dresses with sleeves anymore. Anyone else think that's a terrible idea?

We came up with 2 possibles and called JS to run them past her. Her sister, the MOH, had called dibs on my favorite (gr!!) and that the other was "the wrong fabric". It was a good thing I called though because JS mentioned a 4th option. I said I'd try it on and call her back.


Not only is it passable, it looks great. It's what I was looking for and was frustrated that I couldn't find. I like simple lines, and it has the high neck I wanted, and it looks good with the jacket. And everyone's happy - Jill, me, even my mom :-)


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woo hoo! it's lovely :)