I had the worst headache last night so I had to get off the computer, but I had 2 things to share.

Yesterday change for HOE arrived from Joanne. Look what I got!

In addition to the most perfect fob, she sent some floss and fabric to match. Thank you!!! I really like it! (Still trying to track down an email address for a private note of thanks)

If you thought the fob was nice, wait til you see it "on":

The design is called Bianca's Bouquet, and it matches my Bianca scissors perfectly! I love the bright colors too (in case you can't tell from reading my blog I'm a big fan of bright colors, and lots of 'em).

(I took this photo at 7 this morning so the light sucked - IRL it's way nicer)

Now, I know she was a little concerned about the fob because the string is off-centered or something, but I'm the worst at centering so I didn't even notice, lol. Joanne, I'll teach you my trick: take all your photos off-centered and lopsided, and then people can't tell if your work is off-centered too or it's an illusion ;-)


In other news, JS picked a designer and color for the BM dresses. I was really happy that she finally picked so we can get dresses and be done with it. Then she says, she also picked 3 styles from which we can chose. Nooooooooooooooooo!

JS and I have different shapes and different styles... so I was worried. Two of the options are strapless with Empire waists. Even though I prefer non-strapless, I can wear it (and have). It's the combination of
a) the straplessness that's not holding the dress up and
b) cleavage pushing down on the empire waist part
that has convinced me that
c) such a dress would be falling off me all night and
d) even if it didn't fall off, there's no way the neckline would start out, let alone remain, high enough to pass the modesty bar for photos and the chupah. Just no way.
That basically leaves me with one option. It's very much JS's style (similar to BM dresses she's worn in the past) but it's not my style of dress. It's growing on me the more I consider it though.

Since I was worried and had some time, I went out to DB after work to try them on. I was right about those first 2 not working. This 3rd dress surprised me. I thought it would be too low cut b/c of the V-neck, but the halter will keep the dress up higher, high enough. It even looks fine with the jacket on.

I'm just annoyed that I couldn't pick my own outfit. I think that there are enough constraints already (designer, color, length, must be modest), and we are all adults that have been dressing ourselves for years now. I would have been much happier picking 3 designs that I like and submitting them to JS for approval, instead of the other way around.

This [waves hands in the air] whole mess of unhappiness shouldn't be surprising. I think that until yesterday, JS has taken a very sensible approach to wedding planning, especially with regards to her BMs. She is very price conscious on our behalves, and even changed the color to Wine b/c she likes it better and it's a more reusable dress. So I think she's been everything *right* - until this dress-chosing idea she had, which to me seems very weird not to let people pick their own.

Now that I've had a day to think about things, it's more in perspective. When we were roomates, we'd always agree on 95% of things and then get into really heated arguements about the last 5%. We're both really stubborn about certain things, the stupidest things come to think of it, but it made us terrible roommates and great friends. I think this is the 5% of bridesmaiding that I think she is COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY wrong about ;-) It's not worth a fight this time.

Oy, does that mean I've grown up? I hope not!

No stitching happened last night, I was on the computer for like 20 minutes and then got nauseous from my headache (a first!) . So I took some Advil (which I hate to do, but had to) and went to sleep ridiculously early. Feeling better today, but worried that the headache will return. :-/



Ranae said...

Pretty FOB.
I bet it will be a relief when the wedding is all done, eh?
Glad your feeling better. I hate headaches.

Anna van Schurman said...

It is her wedding; you are serving her. From the other side of the coin, it's very difficult to dress your friends. I told my bridesmaids from the get-go that I would never say, "you can wear this dress again." Because let's face it, there's not a bridesmaids dress out there that is rewearable.

Kim said...

Yes, that's why I probably won't say anything. I'm going the shut-my-mouth-and-be-supportive route :-)
I don't expect to wear the dress ever again and I'm totally fine with that. I just thought it was nice that she took it into consideration.

Jennifer said...

I saw that fob on her blog and thought it was just adorable.

Dawn said...

Gorgeous fob!!

Jacque said...

Lovely fob!

As for your dress dilemma, it sucks, but suck it up! It's her day and you'll have yours too...just remember this and be as nice to your attendants as you'd have like to been treated! It will all work out! You'll look great!!

Janet said...

Love the fob. Great colours.

Ah bridesmaids dresses! The ugliest bridesmaids dress (to the point of embarassment) I had to wear was also the most insanely expensive. The bride kept excitedly saying "I chose that dress so you can wear it again!" I had almost bitten my tongue off by the end of the ordeal!
Thinking I was being the most laid back bride ever, I told my bridesmaids that I didn't care what they each wore as long as they were happy and could use it again. Guess what, the crazy girls all chose to wear the same outfit!!
Hang in there!

DaisyGirl said...

Hope your headache didn't come back. as for the dress situation, I feel for you, my niece is getting married in Oct. I have to find something nice for the wedding! Oh bother!