No Megillah

I finished my fob for HOE! It's my first fob finish so I was really OCD about the finishing, glad I waited until the weekend and gave myself plenty of time. I'm happy with how it came out, and hope my mystery recipient is too :-)

Thank you guys soooooo much for all the advice on the Bronze issue. Ruth, your idea most closely matches what I'd been envisioning for Bronze, but everyone I'd asked IRL said 920. Thus the confusion. I ended up going with 920 because it matches my recipient's color tastes more closely.

Not sure if I can post a picture of what I'm actually using the stuff for. HSKS4 is a bit confusing. This is a swap that requires you to create a Hogwarts alter-ego, with the option to blog as your alter ego. If you have time to check out about 50 new blogs it should take you all of 5 minutes to guess my secret identity. But since there's no list of Muggle blogs for the people associated with the swap, I think I would be safe enough posting the entire contents of my swap here. Right? If my partner goes to the trouble of cracking my secret identity and tracking down my blog, she deserves the reward of knowing what's going to be in her kit. But I think that Neila would kick my tuchus if I did (she's in charge of us Ravenclaws for this swap and is doing a GREAT job). So I won't....

Part of the Sock Kit is a set of stitch markers. Of course I am making mine :-) It took forever to chose colors and supplies, but putting them together was a breeze. It's my first time working with wire and I'm definitely doing it again! I also stitched & felted a swatch of the kit bag I'm making. I love love love how it turned out, and it felted so much more quickly than the Bernat Felting yarn that I used for my pink hat! I see many more felted projects knitted with this yarn in my near future. Hehe, my HP powers are carrying over to real life already :-)

Speaking of wizardry... Shaina and I went ice skating again last night, this time at an adult-only session. It was super fun: no kiddies to trip over, only 30 or so people on the ice, and we got to watch some of the really good skaters practicing their jumps in the middle area. This one (really cute but 18 years old) guy was AMAZING, he was doing those twirly (axel?) jumps and getting like 3 feet of air. And they were either double or triple axels, definitely not singles. It was really amazing to watch! I guess it shouldn't be surprising that we have this kind of talent around, the Hughes girls are both from my town and skate at this rink sometimes. I wonder if we'll be seeing Mr Black Sweatshirt (well what else should be call him?) in a competition anytime soon?

Shaina and I both want to go back this weekend :-)

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