Status: Limited or no connectivity

I'm feeling very disconnected today. I usually spend most of my day with a computer, but today Is and I were out for 12 hours straight. I feel badly not posting about all our fun but the wifi isn't working, and I can't stand sitting here on the floor being plugged into the modem. Well I like sitting on floors, but the wire is killing me. It also would require me to dig out all the cables and wires so I can upload pictures, and it's been a loooooong day. So even though I have a ton of fun things to tell you, it'll have to be tomorrow. We're moving the modem to near a desk :-)

A demain!


Jennifer aka Sweet Pea said...

It's why I don't even like to check my email when we go to the ILs. They're on DIAL UP. DIAL UP. Can you believe it? Although Dad is talking about getting DSL. Woo hoo! Welcome to the 21st century!!

tkdchick said...

As much as I'm online, I enjoy being able to disconnect sometimes.