Stuck in DC

I love those old colonial historical sites. I've been to Old Bethpage (on Long Island) a couple of times a year since I moved back to LI, and so when I planned this trip to DC I asked Is to go to Colonial Williamsburg with me. We went Thursday and had a great time.

You know you're in Colonial Williamsburg when you see this sign on the bathroom:

We bought tickets so we could go into the buildings. We stopped into the Saddlemaker's and the Shoemaker's, both things they don't have at OB (since it's way smaller than CW) and learned some cool facts about colonial times.

Then we found this Colonial Garden. I'm used to NY winters, so I was surprised that there even was a colonial garden in January. A man working in the garden told us a whole long list of vegetables that grow in Virginia in winter since they don't have a *hard freeze* like we do.

See the little wooden stick hanging to the right of the door? It's attached to the top left corner of the door, so that when you open the door, the weight of the stick shuts it behind you. They use similar tricks on gates too. How smart were they??? (very)

Friday I had to work, but we still managed to do some shopping.... First Is took me to her LNS, Stitcher's Stash in Fairfax, VA. They have a great variety of fibers, and a lot of really pretty shop models on the walls. I got to see my *next* Mirabillia project (Bliss Fairy) all stitched up, which was so cool! As far as I could tell though, the charts were each about $1 more expensive than at my LNS so I didn't buy much... just 2 SNC threads for a Cedar Hills project and a cute Beer chart that will be perfect for my brother.

Next I dragged Is to In Stitches in Alexandria, based on a great recommendation. We were both astonished at how much they managed to cram into their store. There were soooo many charts, and they had the best fiber selection I've seen. They even had some pretty 18ct fabric for "Cooler Heads" that I've been searching for. I could've stayed for hours, but we had to get back home.

Since Is is my only stitching relative, we did a lot of stitching over the weekend. I did 2 of 3 snowmen heads on my new fabric, plus a ton of work on Ivy's skirt. Check it out!

I'm just getting caught up on emails/blogs/life, and a lot has happened over the weekend. I have a partner for the HSKS4 exchange! I won Daisygirl's blogiversary contest (she's one of my stitching/blogging idols, so major :-)! I'm going to be doing an exchange with Beckysc, one of my other stitching/blogging idols! w00t :-)

Then I got the call: JetBlue canceled my flight home due to impending snow and there were no earlier flights. So I'm stuck in DC tonight, and I'm going home first thing in the morning. Provided they don't cancel another flight or 10. Oh well, looks like Is will have to stitch with me for one more night. She looks soooooo broken up about it, lol. I'm just a little sad missing my wireless, and I need to get back to work but the good thing is that I can work anywhere I have wireless access, so I'm not in too much trouble with my boss. I think.

Anyways, I put my needle down long enough to blog a bit and now I'm getting back to it. Ttyl!


mercy said...

That HSKS4 exchange sounds like sooooo much fun, too bad I never learned to knit :-( It's raining here and they say the snow shouldn't stick, I hope it doesn't because I have to work again tonight and I do not want to come here in the snow! Hope you get home safe TTYL

AngelSan said...

Even if you are stuck in DC, it sounds like you had a nice time visiting and stitching !!!

Jennifer aka Sweet Pea said...

I'm so glad you liked In Stitches. It's such a cool store.

I haven't been to Colonial Williamsburg in YEARS but I remember really liking it when I was there. Defintely going to have to check out Old Bethpage. Have you been to Plimouth Plantation? DH and I were there in the fall and it was really cool (even better since it was more or less off season and wasn't crowded)

Ranae said...

Thanks for sharing your historical pics and stories.
Ivy's shirt is coming along great

Janet said...

I am enjoying watching your progress on Ivy -its one that I am trying to muster the courage to tackle! Love your other pics, especially the restroom door:).

DaisyGirl said...

I loved the cow bathroom pictures! Glad you won, now what should I stitch for you? Glad you had a fun time shopping and stitching!

Beatrice said...

I like the colonial Photos. How charming.
You did do a ton of the skirt on Ivy. Looking good girl!!

tkdchick said...

Looks to me like you enjoyed your visit to DC. I've been there briefly and I WANT to go back so bad! But accomidations are so expensive!

As for RR's usually, there's a theme set by the group or owner. This one was set by the group... neigbourhood (mine is a fantasy neighbourhood LOL). Anyhow some had english cottages, by the sea, and so on. So from there I've picked my houses based on that. I have seen RR's where the owner has picked the charts you can use and send along working copies. So it just depends on the owner and the group.

Jacque said...

There are worse places you could have been stuck....hope you enjoyed it! : )

C in DC said...

Glad you found Stitches in Alexandria. If you're ever near Baltimore, check out the Stitching Post. It's fabulous.