Change of Name

There's another Kim out there in the stitching & blogging community, and she's posting comments. It's driving me nuts that we have the same handle, so I can imagine how other people feel. I'm not too keen on adding initials so I'm taking a page from CinDC and becoming K in NY. For now anyway.

Even though she kinda stole my name (or maybe her parents did?) check out Other-Blogging-Kim's blog and say hi. She's very new to stitching, but she's still cool :-)


Kendra said...

I used to be K in KY when I first started...but seeing as how my real name isn't that common, I switched to it.

I did find out there is another stitching blog called The Stitching Hour...although our url's are different - mine doesn't have the "the" in it. I think the other one is older, but when I set my blog up, I had no clue about all the stitching blogs out there!

Jennifer said...

I still want whoever owns the actual sweetpeastitches.blogspot blog to give it to ME. :-)

Novice Stitcher said...

I wanted to use X Marks the Spot for my blog name, but it was taken by someone who hasn't maintained their blog for years. So I used My instead of The and now it fits me just fine.

I used Novice Stitcher as my posting name since 1) it describes me to a T, and 2) when I first began blogging I didn't feel comfortable using my first name, but I quickly decided it was fine to do. Still, I'm staying with my blog name - seems like there are quite a few Michele's out there, and they spell their names with the more unusual one l, like me.

I think K in NY fits you perfectly - it goes right along with your blog title. By any name, you're a great friend to have in the blogging world.

Kim said...

I'm sorry Kim! It never even dawned on me that it would cause confusion! I'd be happy to change my name (on the blog, not legally :P)

Michele said...

lol you are too funny! I've actually run into more Michelle/Michele's since I started blogging .. didn't know there were soo many of us!

You'll always be Kim to me :)

Janet said...

I was wondering about the name change (and secretly hoping for a more scandalous reason! These days I'll take excitement any way I can get it, usually vicariously).

And yes, I am a trendsetter, thank you for being the only one to recognise it ;). Just remember where you heard the Britney theory first!

Beatrice said...

Hey Kim.
I think K in NY works great for you...It suits your blog.
Have a great day.