very Manhattan

Tuesday I worked out of the NYC office. I worked on my HoE biscornu on the train and got thiiiiis close to finishing the leaves. Work was productive. Lunch was better. I found out a new-to-me yarn store called School Products. It just so happens to be on my route to work, across from my favorite bead store. How did I miss this place, you ask? It's in an office-type setup on the 3rd floor of a building. Go figure.

I walk up Broadway to catch my train home. Now, you non-New Yorkers out there hear "Broadway" and immediately think of Times Square and Theatre district, but let me tell you, that's only the 34th street to 50-something stretch of B'way. From Houston (aka 0th street) to Union Square (18th street) B'way is in the Village and practically part of the NYU non-campus. From Union Square park to Madison Square Park (27th street?) B'way is low-key but kinda trendy shopping, some interesting stores like my pal Fishes Eddy. The stretch I take to work and from every day is approximately 27th street to 34th street, and that's pretty sketchy. Lots of "4 for $10" perfume stores and "electronics" stores, if you know what I mean.

Last October I was walking up B'way as usual, but at around 3 o'clock because I was leaving work early. At one point, I just happened to look up and across the street at this sort of alleyway to a parking garage, and I saw the strangest thing I've ever seen in Manhattan. One man was holding another with his arms behind his back and applying handcuffs, and a third man was pulling ziplock baggies containing a white substance out of the the guy's jacket pockets. I was too far to hear what was said, but it must have been a drug thing. Right? And people were just walking along, right in front of the alley. I guess they didn't notice what was going on?

Ok, so the point to this story is that School Products is in the building just next to this alley. But don't worry or anything, it's a doorman building.

Speaking of my walk to work, I took some photos last Thursday to show you guys, but then I got a little sidetracked. I'm always very impressed by the architecture of the buildings on my route home from work. Lately though I've noticed that there are a lot of very prettily lit buildings on my route home, so I thought I'd share some photos with you guys.

Click the photos to see larger versions.

Imo, the Chrysler building is the prettiest building in NYC at night. It's not on my regular route home, but I went to the P.O. last week to mail my F&S exchange. Which still hasn't arrived. Argh.

This is the clocktower on Madison Square Park. It's a gorgeous building.

This building is on Madison Square Park as well, but its just a poser. The architecture at the top of this building is nothing special, I've seen it in daylight and it's just like a ton of other buildings in NYC. This is not the only poser building I've seen but it's the only one on my way home from work. If you live here or know why they have lighting at the top of the building, please let me know what's up.

This is across an Avenue from Madison Square Park. It's really pretty, this photograph doesn't really convey all the awesomeness. I tried taking 10 different pictures, but the shiny golden roof is hard to photograph. Maybe I'll give you a daylight photo later so you can see how awesome it is.

Another shot of the clocktower. With all that lighting, there's still a red flashing anti-aircraft light at the top. I understand that the ESB has a spire so it needs a red flashy light, and the crane to the left of the clocktower (which you can barely see in this photo) has a light that flashes REALLY quickly. But this building is neon, practically radioactive, and then at the tippy-top they added a flashing red light. Go figure.

They're doing construction on 30th street. Something Underground.

Since it's nighttime when I walk past, there's no bustle to obscure the view and no-one to chase off gawkers.

The hole is very deep. They have a whole bunch of machines down there. It's pretty cool to gawk at.

I assumed that there's a ton of photos of Penn Station on the internet somewhere. If you're having trouble finding, I can take some.

This concludes the walking tour of New York City. Thank you and come again!


valerie said...

Kim, thanks for sharing the NY pictures. I've been dying to go forever but can't seem to stray from the West Coast. I have a print of the 5 most popular buildings in NY up as "art" in my apartment and I love it!

Jennifer said...

I love NYC almost more than I love any other city on earth. Seriously.

Beatrice said...

I love the photos thanks for sharing a bit of your New York!
Yes we are doing a concert in May. Lots of work 20 new [for me] songs to learn. 4,5 & 6 part harmony.
30 people in the choir. I sing 2nd soprano.

Janet said...

Thanks for the tour, brought back some great memories. I loved visiting NY 10 years ago and really hope to get back there someday. I keep telling Big I that I need to go to replace our New York Yankee flanel pants which, after 10 winters, are on their last legs. So far he aint buying it!