The Grandma update:
The doctors totally didn't expect Grandma to do so well after they took her off the meds Friday - the opposite in fact. Saturday night they said that if we put her back on the meds and stuff, she'll probably make it through the wedding. So we did.

Grandma is stable. They really don't think she's coming home though. Not to go into too much detail, but since the beginning of December she's had a rapid decline physically and there's no reversing that. Even if they could get her to be exactly as healthy as she was last week at this time... that wasn't all that much better. And as healthy as last week isn't even an option.

My cousin, her 6th & final grandchild, flew back from Israel yesterday (a few days earlier than planned for the wedding). So now everyone has seen Grandma and said our goodbyes... and we're just hoping she sticks around long enough to tell her that her first grandchild got married.

Btw, my cousin doesn't live in Israel. He's there for a gap year (between high school and college). I saw him very briefly last night and he's doing GREAT. It's amazing what 7 months away from your parents does to mature a person.

Over the weekend at the hospital, naturally the conversation often turned to wedding preparations. The guys are of course waiting for the absolute last second to decide on shirts, ties, shoes, etc. Then I realized that I don't have shoes either! So last night I ran out to DSW after work to pick some up. I got 4 pair... one that I thought my mom would approve of, 2 of the same style but different materials, and a pair of funky shoes that I bought for everyday. We ended up going with one of the pairs that have the same style... and then I realized that I must've tried the other style on for sizing, because the pair I liked consisted of 2 left shoes! It was a mad dash back to DSW but they were pretty nice about the returns and the, um, exchange. Lol.

Last night I started my biscornu for the HoE exchange. I'm ridiculously busy this weekend with wedding stuff so I made this a travel project. In the end I went with the Violets pattern (sorry guys) because I dont' have black fabric, and I liked how the blues and greens looked on white better. It's a fairly quick stitch - so far I'm almost done with the leaves.

On a completely different note... I feel like I should add my 2 cents about the latest news from NY. In case you live in a hole (or Australia), here's an article from the WSJ (because the NYTimes is kinda evil).

The whole Governor Spitzer scandal sucks. I liked the guy because
a) he's a democrat
b) he's not ancient like most politicians
c) he seemed to be shaking things up, which is always good

But DUDE. If you're going on a crusade and saying that you're cleaning house, and that politicians need to be more honest, etc. ... well clearly you also need to be more honest! As in, regular honest but especially: more honest than the people you're criticizing. Like it or not, prostitution is illegal and that makes you dishonest and a hypocrite.

Does Spitzer need to step down? Imo, not yet. NY does not need a governor that's in jail, so if he's convicted, then for sure. But nobody is perfect, so stepping down for 1 transgression... seems harsh to me. On the news this morning they were talking about him committing a felony, in which case this is no longer just 1 transgression... so we'll see what happens. I'm sure we'll all be getting a crash course in the laws concerning prostitution very soon.

However, if this whole debacle has destroyed his credibility and clout with his fellow politicians, he will no longer be effective or capable of fulfilling the role of governor and should, imo, step down immediately. I hope that Ego and Face doesn't cause Spitzer to stick around past his ability to do his job.

That's my 2 cents. Rant over.


Kim B said...

I'll keep your grandmother in my prayers. We were prepared two weeks ago to lose my father-in-law "any day" and to everyone's surprise he turned around. The human spirit is an amazing thing. I think the political world is crazy - a lot of smoke and mirrors and people trying to come off as different than they are behind closed doors. It's really too bad it is like that.

Carol said...

I am keeping your grandma in my prayers {{HUGS}}

Jacque said...

Hopefully Grandma will really surprise everyone and not only live for the wedding, but go home.

Good on ya for the shoes, I'm so proud! : )

Beatrice said...

My prayers are with your family at this time. Grandma sounds like a wonderful person.
I hope the wedding is a beautiful day for all of you and Grandma.

4 pairs huh!! good for you!

We have been watching the Spitzer debacle as well. I think it might cost him a pretty penny to have his wife stand by his side...ya think??

Have a good day.

Janet said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Grandma and the wedding.

Oh, and thanks for thinking of us Aussies!

Jennifer said...

I was discussing the Spitzer situation with my friend who lives in the DC area and apparently, most people in Washington have a little on the side so it's not that unusual. He just got caught. Now, I don't condone cheating on your spouse - if you want to do that, why bother getting married? However, what people do in their own personal lives that both partners agree to is their business. What I think sucks is when the spouse has to stand beside their cheating partner in support.

Anyway, I hope Grandma comfortably hangs in there.