After lots of pushing-off, because either my mom or I were busy with "stuff", Friday I took my motorcycle out of winter storage. I'm SO mechanically challenged, the first thing I do when Max comes out of storage is take him straight to the Honda dealership for a checkup.

Why the Honda dealership, you might ask? Waaay back in 2004, I had just completed my Basic Rider Course, loved it (!), and was looking to buy my first motorcycle. I went to the Kawasaki dealership on Long Island (I'm 99% sure it was the Hicksville one) and they were SO rude and sexist and GRRR.

Anyway, when I decided to get a kawasaki bike I found a very nice dealership on 11th Ave in Manhattan, and I ended up buying from them instead. My first Spring, I brought it back to that dealership for service. It's SO annoying to get there though - a 45 minute drive into Manhattan. Then I found the Honda dealership out on Long Island. 30 minute ride but no traffic, and the guys there are really nice! I don't have any friends who ride (well aside from LG, but she's even more of a n00b than me and doesn't have a bike yet), so I ask them all my stupid questions. When my odometer "broke" - a cable fell out - they could've sold me new pieces and charged me all kinds of money for labor and I wouldn't have known the difference. Instead this very nice and honest mechanic looked at it for 5 minutes, popped the cable back into place, and wouldn't even charge me for labor.

//end rant. wait, what's the word for happy rant? rave??

Anyway, Friday I took my bike for a checkup, it passed with flying colors and now the riding season has officially begun. I love spring!


Kim B said...

DH rides - mostly just to work and back - and loves this weather! In AZ he rode all year. This year it had to sit in the shed for the winter. It's seen the light of day for a little over a week now - with the exception of the rain. Glad you get to have your fun!

Michele said...

gotta love a good mechanic that treats you well!

I wanna see pictures!

Janet said...

A mechanic that doesn't rob you blind- priceless. He's a keeper!

Ranae said...

I am jealous!!
I want a bike.
We rent one for a week or two and ride with friends. He's afriad if he buys one, he won't be able to fish as much or I will learn to ride it myself,lol.