Italian Tubular Cast-On

People tend not to notice things until they need/use/try them... and then it's everywhere.
Like the Italian tubular Cast-on I taught myself Tuesday. I wanted to try the Endpaper Mitts I found on Ravelry (direct link here) and that's the caston the designer uses. It's a very clever-looking finish for "raw" edges of a project. Meaning, I wouldn't use it on an edge that needs to become a seam, but for tops of socks or the cuffs of mittens it's gorgeous.

Then, yesterday, I was showing off my newly learned skill to MZ, lunchtime knitting pal extraordinaire, and I noticed that it looked remarkably similar to the edging of the sleeve of the sweater I was wearing. How cool is that?

Anyway, yesterday I cast on these Princess Mitts (not royal princess, it's named for some yarn called Princess). I used my newest trick, and it's really pretty. I <3 Italian Tubular Cast On SO much now! Note to self: next time I must remember to use smaller needles for the edge though.

(I'm using KnitPicks Swish DK in Maple Leaf for the Mitts)


Kim B said...

Finding new brilliant techniques for anything crafty is always good fun!

staci said...

Thanks for the tidbit and link...looking forward to seeing your projects ;)