Monday update

My grandma is home as of Friday and doing better by the day.

Last night dinner was with my other grandparents - Mom's side. They're also getting older in fun and funny ways, and the reactions of the rest of the family are equally comical. For example, there was Bison on the menu, I think in the form of Bison burgers. Grandma was trying to explain that deer are kosher, but she kept saying reindeer. It's that time of year I guess. Mom & C were having a hard time explaining the difference, so they decided to demonstrate. Apparently the universal sign for reindeer is this:

Yup, that's my mom. In a restaurant. It's okay, the rest of our group was the same or worse.

My aunt & uncle came with one of their kids, and they were very late - like an hour late. Like we waited for them, ordered and finished a bottle of wine, waited some more, ordered soup, ate soup, cleared soup, and still got to wait some more. That's typical for them, not due to clock changes. It didn't ruin the rest of our night or anything, actually we had more fun waiting and drinking, so they just missed out. But some people would've been less okay with the wait, and the restaurant might've gotten mad if it had been a busier night. Hopefully their new daughter in law will get them on the right track.

At the end of dinner we did the happy birthday thing. Grandpa can't have cake, so they stuck a candle in 1/2 a cantaloupe for him! It was funny.

Mom came into the city with me today so that we could go to a sample sale. I usually don't wear a jacket unless it's below 45 degrees or I'm walking around Manhattan, but I've been told by my dad and my more fashion-conscious brother that it looks funny not to wear a coat in the winter. So today we went shopping; I bought a puffy jacket and a lighter, wool jacket that will look good over work slacks. Now I have to remember to start wearing them :-( I'll try to post a pic later.

The Michael's trip yesterday was a success - they still had the color I needed. Now I've got to finish stitching the project so I can get back to my regularly scheduled stitching.

Time to get back to work. Have a good evening!


Ranae said...

Happy Birthday!! to you and your Grandfather. Looks like the dinner was fun.
I love Thistle's too.
I stitched two of the Thistle Manor freebie from Blackbird designs. Patterns are hard to find.

Beatrice said...

You had a wonderful Birthday party by the looks of things. Many happy returns to you both.
I'm glad you got the color you needed!