Last night was Sit & Stitch at Lazy Daisy :-) I recognized everyone from the last one I went to, in October. I brought BC Snappers and my exchange... and got a lot of the November block done.

I picked up some threads I'm missing for BC Snappers (hopefully the last of them), some extras to send along to my Fair Square exchange partner, an LHN chart about winter, and the new Just Cross Stitch magazine. I was on the fence about the mag until I saw Diane Williams' chart "Winter Symphony". I used to love the Tikki Room at Disney, and the phrase on the chart is one of the songs from the Tikki Room show. Well it was, they might have cut it when they redesigned the *ride* with Iago and Zazu a few years ago. I have a ton of stuff to stitch now, but eventually I'll get to it.

It started snowing around 10, 10:30 this morning. A. decided at 11:30 not to come to the office & go bowling since she'd have a hard time getting home again. At 1:00 bowling was canceled. At 3:15 it got dark out and stayed that way - over an hour early. So Snow & I didn't get off to a good start today.

For some reason, 3-4 people approached me independently to ask whether I'd brought my motorcycle to work. What's up with that, schadenfreude?

I left the office at 5:30. At some point in the afternoon the snow had turned to sleet so the parking lot was a slushy mush, but I could drive through it. Snow would've been a problem. My problem was trying to get out of the parking lot - who's the genius who makes both exits uphill? Worried about not being able to stop at the top, I went a bit too slow & didn't make it all the way up to the exit, and once I stopped & had no more momentum, I couldn't go forward at all.

Luckily I had the worst time driving in the snow last year too, so I knew some tricks. Like that I'd need momentum. And to try reversing. So 15 minutes later I'd gotten stuck, reversed, driven to the other (less steep) exit, gotten stuck again, uturned, gotten stuck again, and was ready to storm the exit again. With the whole momentum thing in mind I *floored* it to 20mph, steered straight, and made it out, all on my own :)

The rest of the roads were cleared, so I went shopping as I'd planned to before I got the bowling invite. At AC Moore I picked up some DMC threads on sale and the rest of the things for my Fair Square exchange. I also got a couple of things for the gift exchange we're doing at work. I'm buying for someone that I know but don't work with. He travels and likes casinos so I'm going with that. For $2 I got some chocolate coins - which are gambly and also Chanukah-y (I think he's also Jewish), and a huge book of sudoku puzzles, which is something he could take to do on a plane. I have another $13 in my budget but I'm not sure what to get. Maybe some sort of book? I forsee plenty of googling in my future until I figure out what to get.

To do tomorrow:
Figure out gift for DK
Get some books out of the library
Call S. & make sure that Rummikub is on for Saturday.

May you accomplish what you need to tomorrow and enjoy your weekend.


Sweet Pea said...

How about some travel accesories?

A clip light - http://www.containerstore.com/browse/Product.jhtml?CATID=77339&PRODID=10020966

Or a laptop clip light

I bought this for my DH - he LOVES it: http://www.organize.com/padgroomkit.html

I have one of these - I love it: http://www.organize.com/autdocor.html

Jacque said...

The chocolate coins sound so cute! If he likes to gamble, what about lottery tickets? Maybe get him like $10.00 in scratch-offs or something?!?

You have a motorcycle? OMG!! I'm trying to picture this in NY!