The party Sunday night was fun. My 4 cousins (ages 16 - 25) threw it for their parents, and my mom is really OCD about being early for things, so we ended up helping them clean & set up. My poor cousin (the 16 yr old), her siblings all ran out *to run errands* and keep their mom occupied. They left her to arrange the house and bake a pie - she was making crust from scratch when we walked in! My mom & I & a neighbor pitched in (the guys were useless) and it was done in no time :)

You might be wondering how the *surprise* aspect worked. Well, my new cousin-in-law Erica3 took my aunt shopping to keep her out of the house & busy. Pretty normal stuff. My uncle, on the other hand, was asleep upstairs in the house that had the party. Apparently he sleeps through everything, including 30+ people invading his house. I think they kinda lost the element of surprise when they woke him up & he heard the racket downstairs, but it's still awesome & hilarious. Don't get any ideas though about doing the same to me - my *morning hair* is not acceptable for a party, lol.

I'm going on my first NCSY shabbaton! Ten years too late - NCSY is for middle & high school kids - but whatever :-) My 25-yr-old cousin & his friends run their local chapter, & he asked me to come on the shabbaton as *technical* staff, something about setting up and catering. It's volunteer and it should be interesting. I won't be dealing directly with the kiddies (a good thing, even though I like kiddies) and at the very least I'll be spending Shabbat with my cousin & his wife (lol still don't believe he's married). I aksed E3 about the guy prospects on these things, and she confirmed my suspicions: they're all pretty nebbish. Nebbish is jewish for, like, sad & pathetic. Eh, you'll get the report in January when I get back :-)

Did you know that Robert Jordan died? This according to the NYTimes. The Eye of the World was the first grownup book I read in high school that wasn't assigned reading, and it literally got me started reading. I had the best, dorkiest, geekiest friends in high school. The summer before freshman year As. read the first 5 or so books from the WoT series. She got S. to read tEotW first. They then bullied Ay. and me into starting the series. 3500 pages later we'd all read the 7 books that'd been published and we'd become best friends. The 12th & final book of the series is going to be written or finished by another writer using notes/plotlines that Robert Jordan left behind. If they really do publish it, I'm going to have to pull a marathon reading session and re-read 1-7, then read 8-12 for the first time.

In other news, I pulled a marathon stitching session tonight in an attempt to finish my Fair Square exchange. Clash of the Choirs is my new favorite reality TV show (yes, even trumping PR). I think Nick Lachay and Patti Labelle have the best choirs. I'm rooting for NL because I love him and PL made the weirdest comments throughout the episode. Blake Sheldon or Sheldon Blake or whomever s/b the one to go in my opinion. I don't like his song choice, and the others were just better. Plus, it wasn't a nice move that he grilled this choral director that auditioned for advice on putting together a choir, and then totally didn't pick him. But Michael Bolton is my guess for the one to actually go.

Due to some frogging (grr) the Fair Square thing is still not done, but I *will* mail tomorrow. So I need to get back to that.

It sounds like some more frogging is in my future - on the P+tP project. I knew that color contrast wasn't *right*. Ah well, I have some other grays to play around with, and it's not *so* much to frog. :-(

Mercy got me started thinking about beaded scissor fobs. Maybe this weekend... Oh, this is so not good for making progress on my SAL or the BC Snappers!

Have a good night :-)


Jacque said...

Clash of the Choirs? OMG...do tell..I've heard nothing about it!

Sweet Pea said...

Check the library and see if the books are on tape or CD - you can listen to them while you stitch. DH "re-read" all the Harry Potters by listening to them during his commute and it worked out well.