My brother sent me an email this morning, subject: competitive knitting and this link in the body of the email. He's not a big fan of my knitting/crocheting/craftsiness so I was intrigued by what he would find that has to do with knitting, and then be cool/interesting enough to forward on to me. He didn't disappoint.

Sock Wars!!! (If I understand it correctly), everyone gets the name of a target to *kill* and the same sock pattern. If you receive a pair of socks you have *been killed* and have to turn over your started pair to your assasin to finish & use to kill the next person. Last person *alive* is the winner.

Best. Idea. Ever. Knitting is plenty combative already - it's all about poking and stabbing yarn with needles. And now they've turned it into a kill-or-be-killed game. w00t! I got googling right away and signed up for the Yahoo Group. I've knit for years but I've never done socks before, so I'm going to hit the library for some pattern books & practice. Next round starts in the new year and I can't wait!!!

Hmm, I wonder if we could do a similar cross stitch war?

In other news, my Fair Square exchange is complete! Now I just need to mail the darn thing off to Australia and hope/wish/dream that it gets there eventually and unscathed. MaryKathryn warned me that her package tore open last round so I'm wrapping this one better. It'll help that I'm not sending a heavy-ish book in an unlined envelope this time around, lol.

Ok that's all, just a quick update. Ttys!

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Ranae said...

Sock Wars sounds like so much fun, if I only knitted, lol. I do crochet. Watch out!! with them Gingham scissors, they are addicting, lol.
Princess and the Pea is such a cute design. It's coming along great.
Happy Holidays!!