Starbucks and Scissors

I went into Manhattan last night for a birthday party for a friend from HS. As anticipated, I knew most of the other people, but just to say hello to, so I was really relieved when Nicki (one of my college roomates) showed up. Eventually the party moved to a different bar where we could play flip cup. It was too loud and too crowded, so Nicki & I ditched & went to Starbucks instead. It was a great call, we had so much more fun catching up than if we'd stayed with the group.

We were supposed to go to Mohegan Sun today but the roads are too slushy. So instead I've been stitching & cleaning, and Dad & I winterized the motorcycle. I won't show you the cleaning, but here's a stitching update on Princess & the Pea by LHN, the SAL I'm doing with SweetPea.

Before you compare this to my last update on P+tP and marvel at my speedy stitching, I had finished the pillow & bedspread before this weekend. I also need some advice: see how on the right side of the dog there's a row of missing stitches between the parts of the leg? The chart calls for a white dog with light gray shadowing, but I'm doing a black dog, since Sky is black, so I need to find a new color for the shadowing too. I stitched the shadowy part on the left leg, so take a look & let me know if the gray I picked for the left leg too dark? I can't tell if there's enough contrast, but it looks like I'll be frogging & restitching in a lighter shade of grey.

Until about a month ago I didn't have special *stitching* scissors, I just used whatever old scissors I had on hand. After reading so many of other peoples' blog entries about their scissor collections, I picked up the 3.5" black gingher scissors at Michaels. Now I completely understand what the fuss is about :-) It's so nice to work with small, sharp scissors that cut threads so precisely and cleanly!

Joann.com is having great deals on Gingher scissors and I keep getting emails with free shipping coupons, so I caved and ordered a second pair of scissors. I got the 5" Bianca sewing sheers, and while they aren't as tiny and don't have the same snip sound as the black ones, I think they'll be great for cutting fabric :-) I'm not going to start collecting scissors because they're too expensive. Now that I have 1 pair to keep by each of my 2 stitching places, I think I'm good :-)

I signed up for a scissor fob exchange, so I think I'll wait to see what (if anything) comes of that, and then make my own fob for the other pair.

I got my stitching assignment for the exchange last night, and my person's from Europe! :-) Her blog is in 3 languages, and I'm going to have so much fun tomorrow deciphering it. Nope, that's not sarcasm, I'm really that big a dork & foreign language geek.

Speaking of exchanges, I'm *this* close to finishing my Fair Square exchange piece. I'll probably stay up tonight stitching so I can mail it tomorrow - I have time before the deadline, but it's going to Australia so better earlier than later, right? That's the plan anyways, I'll let you know what happens.

So, I'm blogging & watching one of my favorite movies (Legally Blonde) when I really should be getting ready for the surprise party. We're leaving in like 15 minutes. So ttyl!


Sweet Pea said...

My threads for Princess just arrived yesterday, so I'll probably start it this week and end up taking it with me to the ILs to stitch on over Christmas. It should fit on one of my smaller scroll frames making it easier to transport.

Sweet Pea said...

From the pictures, that grey looks too close to the black, but I don't know if that's just my monitor. I'd probably frog it out and stitch it with a lighter color.

mercy said...

Scissors can be very addicting! One says they won't collect them but they always end up doing so...after that it'll be scissor fobs hehe.

Janet said...

I love Ginghers so much that I almost dream about them. It's a recent addiction (I purchased the "Julia" design in October) and although I also say I won't collect them I have a spooky feeling that I will!