Long post :-)

Argh, I completely forgot to mention last week that Pokua finally received my Fair & Square exchange! I was still in DC at the time (so my mind was elsewhere), but anyways, without further ado:

I picked up the chart in Paris :-) I forget the desginer, but the chart is called Cinq Couers. I was really torn about what to stitch for Pokua, but I saw that she stitched red (redwork?) charts for her last 2 Fair & Squares. So I figured it meant she liked them :-) They took FOREVER to get there so I was really worried they were lost in the mail or something. And obsessing over that dark possibility. And then I forget to post a pic for you. Go figure.

My parents were away for the weekend, so J & I had the house to ourselves. HD! I drove my parents to the airport Friday morning and got totally turned around driving to work because I tried to avoid the Cross Island. But we don't need to tell them that.

MZ, LN and I went for Raviolis again during lunch, and the obligatory stop at AC Moore. I mean, it is right next door. How could we turn it down? I bought some cheap sock yarn - I don't want my first pair of socks to be on Tofutsies because I know they will suck, and that's good yarn. And by good I mean expensive ;-)

Anyways, after work I returned some books to the library, then basically vegged: read books and avoided cleaning/cooking/contact with the outside world). Saturday was more of the same. Saturday night I was supposed to go to a metro stitchers meeting in NYC, but I goofed on the train schedule and wouldn't have made it there until 30 minutes before the event ended :-( So I called Shaina, and we went to a mall out on the Island instead. I picked up some books for 40% off at a closing Waldenbooks, including a book I'd been looking for: Charmed Knits. Harry Potter Sock Kit Swap anyone? Lol. I did an exchange at Borders because the Veronica Mars Season 3 (a very-much-appreciated birthday present from a dear friend) was damaged when I opened it. Luckily I had a gift receipt! PSA: Always give one, even when the gift is perfect, as this one was. I could've downloaded the messed-up disc's episodes off iTunes for $8, but it's soooo much nicer to just get a replacement. Anyways...

Shaina was hungry so we almost hit up the Ravioli place, but they were packed and apparently you need a reservation on the weekends. Which made perfect sense - that place is awesome. Next time - she's intrigued by my rave reviews :-)

Sunday J baked brownies, and in the afternoon we took them over to my cousin's. He had surgery on his nose to straighten it out so he could breathe through it. The poor guy's nose was extremely misaligned. J knows what he's going through, since he had the same surgery after he came back from his semester abroad in London. J got mugged one night walking home from the gym, and one of the two punks punched him in the nose and broke it. Once he was Stateside again, he decided he liked breathing out of his nose and had it fixed. I just think it's funny that of all the people in my family, the two least vain people have had the cosmetic-est surgeries.

Yesterday I stopped by Michaels to pick up some floss on sale, then headed out to the airport to pick up my parents. And that's pretty much it.

By the way, if you ever want to meet all the Canadians that read your blog post something nice about Canada, it sure seems to pull them out of the woodwork!

I love Canada :-) No really, we used to go all the time and it was a lot of fun! It's about an 8 hour drive to Montreal from my house, and until '06 we used to go skiing up there every winter break. This photo is from 2003, and it's my 3 cousins (the ones that live 2 miles from me), my brothers, my mom, our friend Josh, and me. There's 2 girls in the photo, so you can figure out which is which for yourselves. My dad's taking the photo but you can see his gloves.

On the crafting front... I worked on my HOE fob. There's one little part that I keep having to frog, for different reasons each time. It's getting done this week.

I also finished my wine cozy! I showed J and he seemed impressed with it, but bewildered that I would actually spend time making such a thing.
Me: Look what I made!
J: What is that?
Me: A wine cozy... like a gift bag for wine.
J: Oh.
Me: Like you give people wine, and you put it in this bag thingie. You want one?
J: No, what would I do with it?
Me: Yeah, I guess it's one-use only though. Hmm, that was a bad idea.
Me: I know! When I get you wine, I'll put it in this bag and give it to you. Then you can give me the bag back, and I'll get you more wine.
J: There you go.
Side note: J and my mom like to drink wine. I got him wine from France for Chanukah, but it wasn't wrapped. He liked it anyway.

That's all folks, I'm gonna go work on my fob for a bit.


Jennifer said...

I am excellent at picking wine. I pick by label, and by label, I do not mean I study wineries and know my "labels". I mean if the label is cool, creative, has a funny name or an animal on it, I pick it. Haven't picked a bad one yet.

here are 2 of my favorite recommendations. One is mine, one is DH's. Mine is Pinot Evil. Yep. Pinot Evil. Three monkeys on the label (See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil). Should be between 7 and 9 bucks a bottle. (and it's french) Same goes for DH's pick - Goats Do Roam (a play on Cotes du Rhone). It's a South African table wine and it's really very good.

Beatrice said...

The wine cozy is a cute Idea!!
I enjoy a fruity wine. [flavored]
I'm glad you like Canada. I lived in Montreal and area for a few years.It was wonderful.
I LOVE New York. I hope to take a bus trip to go to Broadway one day.

Michele said...

love the F&S squares you did for Pokua!

Sound like you had a nice weekend :) Love the wine cozy :)

Carla said...

Beautiful squares for the F&S!

Janet said...

I bought a crocheted wine cozy recently. The same shape as yours but with a long thin strap crocheted from one side of the top to the other side of the top (does that make sense???). It's great! No more juggling everything and inevitably dropping the bottle in the gutter. I can just throw my wine bag over my shoulder and I'm good to go (does this make me sound a little too much like a hopeless wino?). So with some slight modification I reckon your bag could easily become multi use.