*Bad* Influences

My 3 languages are Hebrew, French and Spanish, in that order. I also know about 10 words of a some other languages, like Farsi. If you're ever in Iran (or LA) and need a cucumber or a napkin, I'm your girl!

It's been a busy couple of days! I'll give you the highlights...
Monday I went to my LNS's Nashville Preview Party. The internet's cool and all, but seeing the new designs in the shop was WAY better. Omg, these designers are talented! Did you guys see the advent calendar from SamSarah? If I only celebrated christmas... lol. I got a different SSD, no worries :-) JBW came out with a dog for their French Country series, so I got that one. Omg, did you see the new series from Raise the Roof, The Wrong Side of the Tracks? Too funny! It's their response to the HRH-type samplers, and it's much more my style than the other ones. I love their sense of humor, even if they don't all speak to me. I'm not quite old enough to stitch this one, but I'll certainly keep it in mind :-)

The best part of the outing was meeting Mercy IRL! We were both reeeally bad influences on each other - totally talked each other into buying more stash :-) I showed her my Ivy, which I'd brought to work on thinking I'd ever be *done* shopping, so she picked up a Mirabilia too (Feather Fairy?). I think I talked her into Wrong Side of the Tracks, but I'm not sure. Mercy totally talked me into CCN's Summer Garden, by talking up how gorgeous the colors are. She's so right!

The rest of Monday was pretty quiet: stitching, crocheting, cleaning, etc. I turned on
my work computer and got sucked into that for a couple of hours. My *goals* didn't all happen, but that's okay with me.

1 finish the Shamrocks fob - soooo almost, but not quite
2 finish my Fair Squares exchange - didn't even work on it
3 crochet a new needlecase - done :-)
4 work on Ivy, try to finish up her skirt and legs - worked on, didn't finish

(I have photos on my camera but no connector-cable. Will post later)

Tuesday was really busy at work, but otherwise uninteresting. Mailed out 1 of the 4 things I have to send, but it was the one with a deadline :-) Picked up a copy of Goblet of Fire for the HSKS4 Quidditch round (we did *ok*). Stitched on... nothing.

Wednesday was CRAZY busy. I wanted to mail out an exchange but left the critical part - the stitched piece - at home. That drove me kinda nuts, but I was too busy with work to even kick myself. Then my mom & I went out on my lunch break to pick up my dress for my cousin's wedding next month. It was ready in the store, I just had to try it on to see that it fit 100%. It was a half-hour drive each way so I brought along my laptop.... I got a lot done in the car, and the dress is really pretty :-D

Photos in 1 month from the wedding. Hold your horses.

After work I went out to Garden City to pick up a second cousin, S (yes, I know all about 2nd and 3rd and removed cousins). My grandma's not doing too great so S wanted to visit. I really don't know S well since her mom and my dad (the first cousins) don't get along. At all. She's been living in NYC for eight years and I only met her last year at a birthday party we threw for Grandma. But that's our parents, we're cool.

S & I had a good visit with Grandma. It's very hard to understand Grandma these days because she both whispers and mumbles, and her memory isn't good so if you ask her to repeat herself more clearly, she sometimes can't remember what she just said. Frustrating for all involved. Conversation is rough but it helps that Grandma (and everyone else) has a good sense of humor. And as we kept talking, Grandma spoke more clearly and we listened better, so it worked out. Apparently S and Grandma kept in better touch than my dad and her mom, because Grandma (aka the Queen of the Sample Sale) had given S all the tips on sample sales that she sent to me and my mom. :D

S missed her train back to the city by a couple of minutes, so we grabbed coffee and waited for the next one. Mostly we plotted future trips on my motorcycle to a bar she knows of on Long Island with cheap drinks and hot guys. Hot Marine guys. It's good to have single female cousins!

All my first cousins on that side are guys.

When I finally got home around 7:30 I searched for that missing piece of my exchange. Couldn't find it anywhere, and got really worried that I'd left it out and Sky found it and ate it. Or even just licked it. Then I found it in the most random place. Mailed it out today instead!


Anna van Schurman said...

You've really got my curiosity peaked with "Wrong Side of the Tracks." But I can't find it online anywhere!

Kim said...

I couldn't find it yesterday but I saw one just now, so I've added the link.

Vonna said...

I just got CCN's Summer Garden too...funny that you and Mercy were good for the economy together :) LOL!