It snowed Friday, like a lot of snow. We had probably 4-5 inches by the time I left for work, and then it kept falling until after noon. Of course this was the weekend I was spending with JS in Manhattan, the one weekend when I'd be doing a LOT of walking. Figures. It was a great visit though! JS was making Friday night so we didn't have to go anywhere :D An old friend from HS was invited with his fiance, whom I've met before but only briefly. I like her a lot and she seems to be a really good match for my friend.

There's like 4-5 options for shul Saturday mornings on the UWS. It seems like the way it works is that you find out where your host goes and then either daven there or arrange to be there by the time the kiddush starts. R, one of our hosts, told us he'd be at the Young Israel. We didn't see R at the kiddush, or anyone else that we wanted to talk to. Shul count:1, acquaintance/friend count:1 guy from college who'd clearly forgotten my name.

JS said we should check the Jewish Center, because we might not be able to get into R's apt building on our own. Okay. This involved a 10 block walk and then climbing 5 flights of stairs in 3 inch heels (it's a lot for me, ok?!?). Luckily for everyone we found R's roomate there! We also saw and said hi to:
  • JS's & my other roomate from senior year
  • 2 of the 4 guys from our Ecuador trip
  • JF's older brother
  • a friend I've known since kindergarten, but I'll talk about him in another post
  • 8 million other people
The UWS makes me so ADD. Luckily we found everyone we needed to find and were able to head out. Shul count: 2 friend count: 8 million

Lunch was long and fun, I'll spare you the details but want to mention that R's roomate did all the cooking and prep (aside from the dish that JS brought), and he did a really good job. So it seems that guys can cook, but most of the ones I know just don't want to or are in some way deficient. Good to know.

Saturday night I went out for coffee with JF to celebrate her birthday, then to dinner with JS and DS at their friend's place, then out to a bar on the UES to celebrate JS's birthday, JS leaving the UWS, and DS getting a new job. Kind of a busy night :-)

Sunday I caught a very early train home, and Mom and I went to my cousin's fiancee's bridal shower in Jersey. It was at the fiancee's aunt's house, which is really gorgeous. My mom picked out our gift, we got them a toaster oven. When the fiancee opened the gift she started laughing. While they were registering, my cousin had absolutely no preference as to what she picked (which is so like him) except to say he wanted to register for a toaster oven.

Sunday night I brought Grandma some ice cream. She is known for having a fully stocked freezer in case company stops by. Grandma was doing much better than on my previous visit and speaking louder so we could actually have a conversation.

Yesterday I went out to dinner with my parents and J. My parents almost always chose fish restaurants and I HATE fish (even though I have tuna for lunch 2-3 times a week), so after the last time I had enough and declared that I was picking the next restaurant. Guess where we went? Exactly. I kept my choice a secret (they're so much fun to tease), but J guessed it right. He's a smart one. Everyone seemed to like the restaurant, judging by the quartet of clean plates, so I think we'll be back. And I might get to pick the restaurant again someday.

On the crafting front I have nothing spectacular to report
  • I made another dishcloth, with a dog on it, that I'll keep since it matches my bathroom.
  • I'm about 50% through a sock - :-) Next up: double knitting socks - :-D
  • I started CCN's Summer Garden but I've only stitched 3 letters. I'll show pics when there's something to see
  • My SBBC exchange was received! You can find photos of the finished Shamrocks Fob on Jenn's blog. I didn't use the recommended overdyed because my LNS didn't have the right shade of Needle Necessities. I used WDW or GAST's Pine instead because it matched the DMCs the best. I also couldn't find all the recommended Mill Hill beads at my LNS so I substituted some seedbeads I had on hand.
Stay tuned for some sock knitting photos later. Unless I lose the cable again...


Jennifer said...

All that walking in heels through the SNOW??? I learn my lesson in NYC - walking around in dress shoes exactly once. Now I wear comfortable shoes, and I don't care what they look like. LOL

DaisyGirl said...

I could never walk in heels, I wore ballet slippers with my wedding dress! Glad you had fun, sorry all the walking!
Thanks for confidence in Jason!

AngelSan said...

It's so weird to imagine snow when in the UK it's spring weather.... I have to say your week end made me tired just reading about it, how did you do all of it?

Kendra said...

My sister, the somewhat of a fashionista, learned about walking around in trendy-but-uncomfortable shoes when she was a student at NYU a few years ago. I notice that most of her shoes now consist of comfy-soled tennis shoes and loafers, rather than the flashier heels and boots. I think she even broke down and bought some waterproof muck-style shoes for snow-walking.

Kim said...

I should mention that the boots I wore are are very comfortable despite the heels. The problem was that 5 flights is a lot of stairs, even in flats, and for some reason heels + stairs is a deadly combination for me.