Raviolis yet again, with some crafty goodness mixed in

Wednesday (yesterday) my favorite coworker, who almost always works from home, came to the office. It was GREAT to see her. To give you some idea, I bought her a book in Paris, (because she speaks like every language, including Thai, Japanese, and all the romance languages, except not Hebrew thank goodness because I need to have some secrets) and I've only seen her once since Paris (Thanksgiving break), and it was in Manhattan so it doesn't count. Because I didn't have the book with me and she wasnt at the office.

Anyways... I know that the best way to get Sponz back to the Island was to take her to a great restaurant. Guess where we went for lunch?

I'll wait.
Got it?

Yup, the Ravioli place. And it worked! She's coming back next Thursday :-D In fact everyone liked the place, despite not ordering the raviolis. I think we'll be going back a lot.

I met JS and her fiance for pizza tonight. The three of us don't celebrate St. Valentine's day, because it's a Saint's day, but I was in the city for other reasons and had some time, so I called JS. It was really good to see them.

That's the non-crafty rundown of the past 2 days. In other news...

My LNS rocks! I ordered some things through my LNS from Hoffman. Mostly Sweetheart Tree scissor fobs. I've discovered that it's cheaper to pay the $1.50-$3 in shipping than $7 in gas. I was too sick last week and too busy this week to get over there, so I asked if they could ship my order. All I know is, we must have some crazy good mail karma on Long Island because my LNS mailed it out Monday and I got it Tuesday. I'm not going to stop going to the LNS, but now if I *need* some things right away to finish a project, I know who to call. And while I'm calling I might as well ask her to send some other things I'd been meaning to get... :)

I started one of the fobs already.

No, I don't celebrate Saint Patrick's day either. Green's my favorite color. And it's a gift.

Remember that needlecase I told you about last post?

This is the one I'm crocheting for the HSKS4 exchange. I'm just a little bit worried that the colors are too bright, the orange is very neon in person. On the plus side, you'll never lose your knitting needles with this case, it's practially radioactive!

What do you think? Keep this one and stitch one for my partner in more *normal* colors? The thing is, on her blog she mentions that she likes hot pink and bright orange and lime green. And she lives in the South, where people like bright colors. In NY we like shades of black, lol. And this is a really, really neon orange. BTW, orange and blue is for bronze and blue, the Ravenclaw house colors from Harry Potter. Also btw, I crocheted all of that during 70 minutes of train commuting. So I don't mind starting over or stitching two. Or twelve. I'm just saying, in case other people want one....

Ok that's all I got. It's 12:30am, I get incoherent late at night, and if I don't stop typing now I might never. Oh wait, just a couple things:

a) Thanks to everyone for your comments and get-well wishes!

b) One chart is spoken for, but I have a couple more Christmassy things that need a good home.

c) HSKS4 is the best swap ever. No offense to other swaps! It's just so involved, and I've never met chattier, friendlier people online, ever. If you don't knit, learn, but you should really sign up for HSKS5 when the time comes. And I'll let you know when the time comes :-)

Good night all! and happy Vday if you celebrate it.


BeckySC said...

Your fob is looking great, Kim :)

Jennifer said...

WOW - that is quite possibly the brightest orange I have ever seen. :-D

And I love that Shamrock fob. I might have to work something out with you for that chart when you're done.

tkdchick said...

Love the new fob!

Novice Stitcher said...

I think since your friend mentions she likes bright colors, that she'd get a kick out of this needlecase. I'd go for it if I were you.

AngelSan said...

Love the Sweetheart Tree pattern !!!
I like orange, but this feels a bit too orange...especially next to the blue? Sort of a man's sport jacket...
So I don't know.. I would make another one, especially if it's fast to do ! But I tend to be perfectionist ;)