Happy President's day weekend

My goals for this weekend are:
1 finish the Shamrocks fob
2 finish my Fair Squares exchange already ;-)
3 crochet a new needlecase
4 work on Ivy, try to finish up her skirt and legs

I can finish this tomorrow. Just have a lot of backstitching and some beading :-/

I stopped at Joann's on my way home from work Friday because they were having a 5 for $1 sale on DMC, plus a 10% of your order coupon. I got plenty of DMCs and also found some baskety things that were 70% off and perfect for Mishloach Manot. Mishloach Manot are a Purim tradition, food baskets that you deliver to your friends and family. The anti-Trick-or-Treating, I like to think of it. I was going to try for something clever with recipe boxes, but I saw these baskets first. They'll be great catch-alls for a desk afterwards. They only had 12 though, and last year I think I did 20 or so. We'll see what happens.

While I was at Joann's I also picked up some more cotton and tried a new needlecase. Ta da!

(I still have some backstitching to do, see the green line on the bottom left? I need to do 14 more.) It took about 3 hours to make - because I totally obsessed over the size of the 24 rows of single crochet. Every stitch had to be *perfect*, LOL. I think I can do another in 2 hours, and I really like this one... so I might keep it and do another one to give away ;-) Then if that one turns into a UFO, I can always send this one.

C and I went to see Fool's Gold last night. It was good, but between that and Sahara, I'd see Sahara every time. Luckily I brought along some knitting to keep me quiet during the boring bits :-)

(There are a couple of twisted knit stitches because of the switching between purling and knitting, but they are pretty unnoticeable. I think. Shh, don't tell!)

Tommow my LNS is having their Nashville Preview Party (I love that they do sales and things to celebrate holidays too, instead of having everything on Saturdays like some shops, because I can't do Saturdays). Mercy and I both go to this NS, and are both planning on going to this event, so we're trying to coordinate our visits. I'm so looking forward to meeting her IRL!

Went ice skating with Sh again tonight. We basically skate around in a circle and talk the entire time. I was laughing so hard at one point I almost fell over, so I skated over to the wall and had a meltdown. Between that and Sh's wild hand gestures I think the ice police officially think we're nuts. That's ok though, even though they're mostly really hot guys and that'd normally be kinda embarrasing, Sh says they're like 15 years old and way too young for us. Really I think they're about 20 years old, which isn't such a stretch... 4-5 years is nothing, right? LOL. One of these days I'm going to ask how old they are. Just not the day I look like a dork lmao (about Sky drooling on Sh every time she comes over - which is kinda funny the way she said it).

Gah, it's midnight already?!? I need to rest up for Quidditch tomorrow. Good night guys!

PS I got the news over the weekend that Sock Wars III is starting up. I know I was really excited about this in December when I first heard about it from my brother... but now that I'm in HSKS4, I don't think another sock *exchange* could ever measure up. So I'm leaning towards sitting it out. I'll keep you posted.


tkdchick said...

Good luck with your weekend goals!

That shamrock fob is stitching up quickly!

C in DC said...

I like the shamrock fob. It's very cute. I love the Sweetheart Tree designs.

C in DC said...

P.S. I've tagged you on my blog.

AngelSan said...

I have to say that your nedlecase is way better now, because the colours fit with one another. Well done !!!!

Love your stitching too !

Beatrice said...

All your knitting and stitching pieces are wonderful.
Nice squares and fob!!!