Ice cream cake, sushi and stitching

Grandma was always really stubborn and tough. When she made up her mind to do something, she did it and she did it her way. Well it seems like Grandma decided that she didn't want to miss my cousin's wedding or something, because once they stopped giving her antibiotics and blood pressure-regulating meds, her BP and heartrate are doing just as good and even improving slightly. We're still not doing any invasive procedures and she's still sedated and on a respirator, but for now it looks like she'll be around through the wedding, which is good because then my dad can go and my uncle can dance and everything (has to do with sitting Shiva).

We went over to my uncle's tonight b/c tomorrow is his MIL's 80th birthday. She's Hungarian by birth but lives in Sweden. English is her 3rd or 4th language and she was never fluent, but now that she's getting older it's that much harder. We had a cake from Cold Stone and champagne - that's the same in any language :-)

Afterwards the cousins all went out for sushi, plus my cousin's fiancee who is spending the night at my uncles prior to a meeting with our Rabbi tomorrow. It's hard to find a sushi restaurant that's open past 10:3o in this town, so we ended up in Queens. I made sure to sit across from the fiancee so we could talk a little, because I really don't know her so well. In the end, she doesn't crochet but she skis, so I guess she's okay ;-)

I'm very behind posting stitching photos, so here goes.

I started CCN's Summer Garden a while ago and it feels like I've been stitching 5-10 stitches a night, because after 2 weeks this is all I've got:

I really like this design, so I'm just going to go slow and steady with it. However, I've been majorly sidetracked by this guy:

CCN's Sweet Treats threadpack

I started stitching the border from the bottom-left-corner and followed the chart exactly. Then I realized that the border chart was not symmetrical, and as a result the pink flower-things on the bottom and top left don't align with the white border of the inner squares, whereas the middle and right boxes line up. (I can take more pictures if that was unclear.)

I'm eventually going to frog the bottom left part of the border so I can align it properly, but for now I'm concentrating on stitching the white squares that make up the border for the 6 individual blocks. I'm stitching off the model photo for those because only 1 square has been released yet, but they all look the same. Since the white boxes have a regular, repeating pattern, I'm going to do all of them first so that when I do the border I'll be much less likely to miscount. Plus, as each part of the design is released it'll be a very quick stitch to fill them in.

I don't love the phrase "Sweet Treats", so I might change it to "Kim's Kitchen". It's HARD to alliterate a K people, you have no idea. Or, I might change it to "Erica's Kitchen" for my grandma, because she was always a gourmet cook and always made the best desserts.


tkdchick said...

YOur WIPs are looking lovely Kim!

Beatrice said...

It was fun to see the Wip's you have on the go.
I'm glad Grandma is doing better.

Hmmmm Ice cream, cake and Sushi. Interesting!
Have a good day!

Rebekka said...

I like the "Kim's Kitchen" idea for the Sweet Treats WIP. Kudos for the personalization inspiration! Rebekka is also one of those names that is difficult to alliterate, so I feel your pain. :)

Jennifer said...

Good news about Grandma!!!

And there's nothing wrong with ice cream, champagne and sushi. In fact, there's a whole lot right with it!

DaisyGirl said...

I love the idea of changing the name, it makes it more yours! Ya'know!
Glad Grandma is doing better.

Ranae said...

Thats great that Grandma will make it to the wedding.
Nice start on the CNN's.
Cold Stone is soooo good.