a Sky post

Thanks to everybody who shared their take on the wedding situation! It was very cool to hear about all your perspectives and experiences. Thanks!

Btw, I'm not saying boo to anyone in the family: that's just asking for trouble.

Sort of fun news. Sky was adopted as a 11lb puppy from the animal shelter as a "Lab Mix". All the black dogs were "Lab Mix", and all the yellow dogs were "Golden Retriever Mix". Obviously a marketing shtick. Since then, almost everyone who meets Sky speculates as to what kind of dog she *really* is. The most popular suggestions are Great Dane, Greyhound, and Lab, but no one ever says 100% anything. She's clearly unique ;)

My mom heard about this DNA test for dogs to find out what breeds your dog descends from. Do you want to guess what Sky is, or should I tell you?

I'll wait. Think. Look back to this photo for a refresher.

Okay, ready?

Sky is 100% Great Dane. She weighs about 60 lbs, or 1/2 of what's listed on wikipedia for bitches (lady dogs), but the face shape and the stuff about the personality is 100% accurate with Sky.
The Great Dane's large and imposing appearance belies its friendly nature; the breed is often referred to as a gentle giant. Great Danes are generally well-disposed toward other dogs, other non-canine pets, wild animals, and humans (including strangers and children). Some Great Danes have dominance issues, are aggressive with other dogs of the same sex, or chase small animals; however, this is quite rare.
I always thought it was strange that Sky didn't chase squirrels! Looks like it's a Great Dane thing. She chases birds instead (no joke). Maybe because she is so tall?

Even more fun news:
Mom is going out of town this weekend, and she has given J and me our marching orders. One of her big things is not leaving Sky alone for too long, so even though I only work 6 hours on Fridays, I was told I have to work from home, to quote "be available to Sky". My boss is very, very cool and said it would be fine to work from home for the day, but somehow one thing led to another and he said I can bring Sky to work with me Friday.


Sky has visited the office twice already, but only brief visits. A longer visit should be fine. Sky is very well socialized and she's such a people dog! She rarely barks so she shouldn't be too disruptive. I figure (and have cleared it with my boss) that if it's not working out, my desk is about 20 feet from the back entrance so we'll just leave early and I'll work from home the rest of the day.

This should be fun :-D

PS. Other people have brought dogs to work so allergies is a non-issue. Anyway there's so much mold under all the carpeting from leaking foundations, that stuff will get them first!


Kim said...

I love Great Danes! For some reason, all the Great Danes I've encountered seem oblivious to their massive size and always want to sit on my lap. Is Sky any different?

Beatrice said...

Sky looks like a beauty!!
A bit big to be a bird dog..LOL!!

Jennifer said...

I want a job where I can take a dog to work. Seriously. How cool is that???

But your mom may want to chill a little bit. You need to be available for the dog? Really? Will you be serving her filet mignon for dinner? LOL

mercy said...

I would love to bring Ana with me to work! I know that she'd LOVE it but since I work in a hospital I don't ever see that happening. I read about this DNA test for dogs in BARK, is that where your mom heard about it?? I want to get Ana tested, we were told she's 100% Pit Bull but she's so small and her hair is a bit too long so we're skeptical. Plus sometimes she looks like 100% mutt. Must get back to work *ugh* TTYL!

Kendra said...

"Lab mix" must be a popular marketing ploy everywhere. Who doesn't love a Lab and wouldn't want to own one, right? :-)

Like your first commenter, every Great Dane I've ever come across has no idea what a horse-sized critter he/she is! If it's not the urge to get in my lap (nevermind that I'm not sitting down!), then it's the dangerous weapon that is the wagging Great Dane tail.

I think it would be so cool to take a dog to work! Other than vet offices, I don't know that there are any pet-friendly work places around here.

Anna van Schurman said...

My sister wants to have her dog tested too. She is always pointing to different breeds (Italian greyhound, foxhound, azawahk) and saying, "That's what Belle is!" I used to bring my dissertation directors chihuahua to work with me. He was so non-barky, just slept all day and loved all attention from the students. I think every office should have a dog mascot!

Ranae said...

That sure is a awesome dog. Our friends have a great dane and it got hit by a car and the old man swore to the police officers that it was a deer, lol. Everyone was fine it was only minor. Have you ever checked out http://blog.theflossbox.com/?cat=2 for biscornu freebies.
It was great catching with with you.